Jackie Chan Adventures

Season 2 Episode 1

Through the Rabbit Hole

Aired Unknown Sep 08, 2001 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Jade time travels back to 1976 and goes to school, her teacher asks if any of the students heard the speech by "President Carter." In '76, Carter would have only been the President-Elect, not taking the Oath of Office until January 1977.

    • If Valmont was an exchange student, how did the Enforcers know the number in the phone book was his? It would just say the host parents' name, not his.

    • When Finn is looking at Little Valmont while deciding if he is the past Valmont, his pupils disappear!

    • When Little Jackie pulls out the crystal ball, he says he took it from Finn. But when Jackie's flying into the pool, Finn still has it!

  • Quotes

    • Ratso: Hey, it's Chan! But bite-size.
      Chow: And if we pop him when he's little ...
      Finn: He'll never get big ...
      Tohru: Destroy him!
      Little Chan: Bad day!

    • (After throwing Finn through the warp hole)
      Torhu: If there are dinosaurs, they will be busy eating Finn.

    • Jade: I think we ditched them!
      Little Jackie: Ditched who? Who are those men? Why are they after me? What's that rabbit thing? How can you run so fast? What's going on?
      Jade: Ok, here's the situation. I'm from the future, you're my uncle, the talisman's magic. The Dark Hand's after it, and now they wanna destroy you so they won't have to fight you when you grow up! Get it?
      Little Jackie: That's crazy, Jade. You're crazy!

    • (Finn, Ratso, and Chow use the rabbit talisman and speed away)
      Little Valmont: (running) Hey! You can't leave me! I'm your boss!
      Big Jackie: You gotta be kidding me.

    • Chow: I wish we hadn't lost that speed talisman.
      Finn: I wish Chan was never born.
      Ratso: I wish one of those talismans would come to us for a change!
      (The talisman locater suddenly starts glowing. The Enforcers look outside to see Jade walking past them)
      Ratso: I wish I had a million bucks!

  • Notes

    • Cartoon Jackie is 9 in 1976. In real life, Chan would have been 21.

    • In the 70's, Uncle's shop was a record and antique shop. Uncle's hair was purple, also.

    • When the Dark Hand are walking down the block, a model of the Village People in a store window can be seen.

    • This episode, along with "The Warrior Incarnate" and "Snake Hunt," are all part of the timeline for the first season episode because this all takes place before Shendu is released.

    • When Jade sees Finn, Chow, Ratso, and Tohru in 1976, she comments that they should be "like, nine (years old)." This means that, in present day, they should be in their mid-late 30's.

  • Allusions

    • Back to the Future

      Many elements of this episode are similar to the 1985 film, Back to the Future specifically:

      -The idea of time travel attained by speed
      -The trail of flame left when Jade went back in time
      -Part of the episode takes place at a school dance

    • Title: Through the Rabbit Hole

      The title refers to Lewis Carroll's book, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" in which a girl named Alice travels to a magical world through a rabbit hole much like how Jade uses a rabbit talisman to travel back in time.