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  • Fun to play!

    Of the three versions, I liked the USA version since it had the longer run.

    The NBC version was a classic & it did have some funny moments. This one I read in a blooper book.

    GIRL: For $75, this is my riddle. First you make the sale, then you open my drawers. What am I?
    GUY: A hooker?
    GIRL: A cash register, you louse!

    Whoever thought that the NBC Jackpot theme would still live on as the theme to "This Week In Baseball". I could just imagine somebody in the bleachers, about to catch a home run ball & yell, "JACKPOT!"

  • Pretty good show

    I have only seen one episode of this show
    It is pretty good IMO
    But I saw the seventies show and sometimes it can be nutty and off the wall
    Host Geoff Edwards went casual and not like a buttoned up suit
    Like most game show hosts
    The contestants seemed like they were drunk
    Most of the time, this show needed to be taken off the air
    Because of it's "graphic" nature
    I heard that only one show exists in the 70's era
    Will be able to see it though once I get to "Game Show Heaven!" LOL!!