Jack's Big Music Show

Monday 12:00 PM on Noggin Premiered Sep 12, 2005 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Little Bad Wolf
      Episode 1
      Jack, Mel, and Mary help a lost little wolf by introducing him to music. They help him find the one that suits his talents best.
    • 9/14/05
      Mel thinks he is a cat after a drum lands on his head. The neighbor Cathy helps Jack and Mary to use her musical skills to make him normal again.
    • Music Genie
      Music Genie
      Episode 3
      Today, we're digging through Mel's musical trunk. It's full of musical junk. Mel blows a funny looking horn and it makes a funny sound.
    • The Music Genie
      The Music Genie
      Episode 3
      The band has been granted three wishes from a Music Genie after they blew on a unique horn. Jack doesn't feel comfortable with his perfect wish, unlike Mary and Mel who are enjoying their wishes.
    • The Bongo Bird
      The Bongo Bird
      Episode 4
      A baby Bongo egg hatches inside the clubhouse and Jack, Mary, and Mel help the bird find it's mother by using their instruments to make sounds like the baby bird.
    • Marching Band
      Marching Band
      Episode 5
      Rain forces Jack, Mel and Mary to bring their marching band inside where they use the sounds of the rain falling and the storm to help them make music.
    • Bug Love
      Bug Love
      Episode 6
      Jack is scared when Mary invites some new friends to the clubhouse. Mel helps Jack to understand that everyone is not really so different from each other.
    • Mel's Super Swell Dance Party
      Mel throws a dance party and the entire neighborhood attends! DJ Master Mel keeps the music flowing and unexpected.
    • Space Opera
      Space Opera
      Episode 8
      Jack and Mary are both ready for playtime, the only thing is - each one of them wants to play something different! Jack is intent on exploring space while Mary wants to sing an operetta. They each drag Mel back and fourth on their adventures until he is worn out. Thats when they decide to compromise and the trio preform an opera based in space!moreless
    • Grow Dadio, Grow
      Grow Dadio, Grow
      Episode 9
      In order to help him grow, Mary brings her new seed Arthur to the clubhouse for some soil, water, sun and most importantly music! Cathy helps the band figure out what type of music Arthur needs to help him really grow big and strong.
    • The Grumpy Squirrel
      Jack, Mary, and Mel show the grumpy squirrel, who is fed up with the music at the clubhouse, all the different ways they can make and use music.
    • The Music Monster
      The Music Monster
      Episode 11
      Henry, the monster, isn't as scary as he could be so the band helps him show his emotions through the joy of music.
    • King of Swing
      King of Swing
      Episode 12
      Jack is the King of Swing's number one fan and he's been selected to meet his idol, but the confusing plans for the day through him off. It's up to Mel and Mary to help him get organized by using music, so they can welcome Chicago legend Buddy Guy to the clubhouse.moreless
  • Season 2