Jack's Big Music Show

Monday 12:00 PM on Noggin Premiered Sep 12, 2005 In Season


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  • Eh...

    Don't get me wrong, I loved Noggin and most of their shows. But this one never interested me. I really didn't like how it was 30% storyline and 60% random music videos. It was pretty annoying.
  • Just no

    Bunnytown was One of the worst television shows ever created, without a doubt. Then they got the same people to make this thing. The characters are horrible! Their names are ripoffs of the Jack Benny, and they sound too much like I am Weasel. I hate this show!! With a burning passion.
  • Great show! My daycare kids are in love with it and it is one of the highlights of our days! Reccommend for anyone from 1 month to 99 years!!!!!!

    I have a daycare and we use Jack's Big Music Show as our music lesson each day. The kids love the songs and we talk about the different kind of musics. As soon as they hear the opening theme music, they come running. "Mel's Bath Day" and "Scat Cat" are the kid's favorites. "The Orchestra" is probably their least favorite. My only issue is that they need more episodes and to incorporate more everyday instruments - harmonica, kazoo, etc... I wish they would also market more toys and instruments from the show for teaching purposes. Love the special guest stars - very talented. Overall, A+++!!!!
  • This is another one of my one year old daughter's favorite shows and go figure! Her daddy and I love it too!

    Jack's Big Music Show is perfect for my little girl who loves shaking her little bootie to music. There is always something fun going on at the clubhouse and they are always playing different kinds of music on different instruments. The variety is wonderful and the characters are awesome! For the adults, its fun to know that Jack is played by the actor who does Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, Mary has done work on Buffy and Angel (a MAJOR plus in my book!) and Mel is Animal from the Muppet-verse! For kids, its bright, colorful, has high energy and great songs! My daughter can hardly take her eyes off the television when we put this on. I recommend it to all parents, your child is sure to love it!