Jack's Big Music Show

Season 2 Episode 10

Super Swell Sing-a-long

Aired Monday 12:00 PM Feb 02, 2007 on Noggin

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  • All Jack's Big Music Shows are great, but this episode is EXCELLENT!!

    Jack's Big Music Show is one of the very best children's shows for kids age 1-5 and it's definitely the best music show. Besides teaching life lessons the show helps children develop an appreciation for the various types of music. and I can't count the number of times our children (ages 1 & 3) have gotten up and danced around the room while watching. Additionally, my children at or before age 1 really seemed to respond to the musical format well before they were every able to follow the more lengthy and complex dialogue in other children's shows (Sesame Street, Dora, etc.)

    This episode in particular is possibly the best of all the Jack's Big Music Show episodes. A virtual all star cast of children's music artists (Justin Roberts, Laurie Burkner, Lisa Loeb, etc.) perform a number of catchy tunes. From Irish folk tunes to Cajun to "old school rap" to barber shop quartet, this one episode runs the gambit. Of all the great episodes, this is the one episode we've kept permanently on our Tivo for a couple years now.