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Jackson 5ive

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The animated misadventures of Motown's first hit-making sibling group. Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Michael Jackson travel all over the world singing their biggest hits and going on wacky adventures as well. Following the success of "The Beatles," ABC again used the formula for this series. Animated by Rankin/Bass (best known for their stop-motion holiday specials), the series was made at the height of psychedelic animation following "The Yellow Submarine" -- and each episode featured at least one song montage accentuated by dazzling visuals. Unlike the Beatles' series, the Jacksons were themselves participants in the creation. Michael, enamoured by being involved in fairy tales, was said to have given a lot of creative input. In the '80s, as Michael Jackson's popularity soared, this series was resurrected by many cable and network TV stations. In the '90s, while Michael was still known as "the reigning King of Pop," the series was dusted off again for airings on MTV and VH1.
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  • you gotta love the Jackson 5

    I remember hearing about the cartoon series,then I was all like "omg" when I first saw the first episode on YouTube,then I got mad cause the YouTuber who posted the episodes deleted them. But I found hope when there were two websites that had the cartoon series, and . I was so excited because I've always wanted to see episode 19 "Michael White" I watched this cartoon every day and I still watch it still. To me, I love the Jackson characters because I believe that all of them have similar characteristics as I do. I love it! I love it! I love it! :-)

  • As soon as I heard the theme, I knew my weekend has begun.

    This was another favorite Saturday Morning show of mine. I would be dancing after I watched it and I would also have learn a valuable lesson. I became a fan of this cartoon from theme song alone, I'm not sure what the title of the song isbut it went, "A-b-c, one, two, three..." It had a great beat to it. Come to think of it maybe my sister had a crush on some of the Jacksons. Its a shame that a cartoon like this is no longer on Saturday Mornings. Instead of cartoons like this you have violence and mayhem.moreless
  • loved it then. would love to have every episode on tape or cd

    This is one of the shows from my childhood that I love to say was the bomb. I wish the guys had not been so busy that they could have voiced their own characters...but they were more than busy..during those years. I will love the Jackson Five until I die. And I will love these cartoons until I die.
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