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ABC (ended 1973)


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  • you gotta love the Jackson 5

    I remember hearing about the cartoon series,then I was all like "omg" when I first saw the first episode on YouTube,then I got mad cause the YouTuber who posted the episodes deleted them. But I found hope when there were two websites that had the cartoon series, and . I was so excited because I've always wanted to see episode 19 "Michael White" I watched this cartoon every day and I still watch it still. To me, I love the Jackson characters because I believe that all of them have similar characteristics as I do. I love it! I love it! I love it! :-)

  • As soon as I heard the theme, I knew my weekend has begun.

    This was another favorite Saturday Morning show of mine. I would be dancing after I watched it and I would also have learn a valuable lesson. I became a fan of this cartoon from theme song alone, I'm not sure what the title of the song isbut it went, "A-b-c, one, two, three..." It had a great beat to it. Come to think of it maybe my sister had a crush on some of the Jacksons. Its a shame that a cartoon like this is no longer on Saturday Mornings. Instead of cartoons like this you have violence and mayhem.
  • loved it then. would love to have every episode on tape or cd

    This is one of the shows from my childhood that I love to say was the bomb. I wish the guys had not been so busy that they could have voiced their own characters...but they were more than busy..during those years. I will love the Jackson Five until I die. And I will love these cartoons until I die.
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