Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising

LOGO (ended 2006)


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  • Season 1
    • The Music of Jacob & Joshua: Nemesis Rising
      A recap of the series, an interview of Jacob & Joshua, and brief cuts of various tracks from their upcoming album.
    • HRC, TRL and Beyond
      In the season finale, Jacob & Joshua look at breaking apart - apartment wise as their lease expires. Professionally, some of their dreams come true with a presentation at the Human Rights Campaign and an interview on TRL.
    • Barry and Vegas
      Barry and Vegas
      Episode 6
      Jacob & Joshua travel to Las Vegas to meet Barry Manilow, who will produce a track on their upcoming album. The boys live life star in one of Barry Manilow suites and hit the gay night clubs. Will they be ready, though, for their recording session under the direction of Barry Manilow?

      Barry Manilow teaches the boys an important lesson at being a star by relating a personal life experience that cost him years of his life.moreless
    • Media Blitz
      Media Blitz
      Episode 5
      Nemesis (Jacob & Joshua) shoots its first music video (#1 in Heaven). Jacob wants it to be pansexual and all about . Joshua has trouble expressing his appreciation for this golden opportunity, but Jacob helps him find the words.
    • Nashville
      Episode 4
      Curb records executives want to see Jacob and Joshua do a live performance. This is another make or break for the gay mirror twins. While Jacob looks forward to a large audience, Joshua could care less if no one shows up. Joshua's performance steals the show, while Jacob restrains himself on stage.moreless
    • Montana & Relationship (Part II)
      After coming out to their family, their Mother has words about Nick, Jacob's partner. Jacob makes an important decision about Nick, who receives an unexpected weekend. Meanwhile their visit has been taking a toll on Joshua.
    • Coming Out in Montana (Part I)
      Rated: TV-14

      Jacob & Joshua return to their home in Montana to come out to their parents. Jacob is sure of their decision and wants to bring his partner, Nick. Joshua, on the other hand, continues to say he reserves the right not to come out.
    • Meet the Twins
      Meet the Twins
      Episode 1
      TV Rating: TV-14

      This episode introduces the members of Nemesis to us. The writers and guys let us know about the series and how it will follow their personal events and career. The brothers are mirror identical twins, which give the viewer a clear chance to see how two people can be so much alike and yet so very different. If you want to see a group at their career and personal cusp, this is your episode and series.moreless