Jacob Two-Two

Season 3 Episode 11

Jacob Two-Two and the Bookworm Brouhaha

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Unknown on YTV
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When it comes to his nearby public library, Jacob Two-Two has a perfect record and a record as well for using it the most. When he goes the extra distance to return a book on time, the librarians notice his dedication and ask him to volunteer at the library. Jacob happily excepts and after sticking out some tough duties, is inducted into a secret society of Library Ninjas. He immediately proves himself a competent agent and is given a special assignment --- The Bookworm. The Bookworm has the world's most overdue library book, last seen thirty years ago. This book is titled Ace Hambly, Boy Detective: Adventure of the Jade Scorpion and The Bookworm has repeatedly managed to keep it hidden, despite attempts at capture. Jacob dives head-first into the assignment, but makes a surprising and disturbing discovery that stops in his tracks. He worries that foiling The Bookworm may get someone very close to him in deep trouble.moreless
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      • Jacob: I became a library ninja to help bring in the library's most-wanted crook. Turns out that this big, bad Bookworm was my Dad, or so I thought. I realize now I jumped to conclusions. Make sure you know all the facts too. Just like me, Jacob Two-Two.

      • Female Library Ninja: The Bookworm is a cold and devious foe.
        Jacob: It's my duty. My Dad says I'm a noble knight doing battle against the forces of ignorance.
        Female Librarian: Your father would be proud of you, Jacob. If you could tell him, that is.
        Male Library Ninja: Which you can't.

      • Female Library Ninja: A library ninja is sworn to secrecy as symbolized by our secret greeting --- shh.

      • Female Library Ninja: Welcome to Library Ninja Control. I knew you wouldn't disappoint us.
        Male Library Ninja: Sorry about all the cloak-and-dagger stuff, but ninjas are sticklers for secrecy. (alarm sounds) Whoa. Looks like we got a kid in Sector Nine defacing a Canadian history text.

      • Morty: You're volunteering at the library? My son, the library volunteer. A noble knight doing battle against the forces of ignorance.
        Jacob: I lost, Dad. The forces of ignorance have pointy teeth and little hands that can throw stuff.

      • Female Library Ninja: These are dark days for libraries. Budget cuts, DVDs, TV, video games. We're taking a real beating.
        Male Library Ninja: I've even heard kid say that they think reading is boring.

      • Morty: You know, the public library is a fine and noble institution. We should all pay it the same respect as you do, Jacob. Knowledge for free for everyone is a glorious concept, like ---
        Jacob: (grabbing on overdue library book) Dad, they open at eight o'clock.
        Morty: (releases book to Jacob)) Better hustle, kiddo.

      • Morty: What are you reading?
        Jacob: Encyclopedia Andy and the Cloaked Assassins of Doom.
        Morty: Must be a real page-turner. Is it as thrilling as The Amazing Ronald vs. the Moldy Mummy?
        Jacob: Nothing's as thrilling as one of your books, Dad.
        Morty: Good answer.

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