Jacob Two-Two

Season 1 Episode 3

Jacob Two-Two and the Purloined Hockey Card

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Sep 21, 2003 on YTV

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  • good

    this episode is slightly different from the others.very funny.originally third episode.

    When Jacob receives a Gummer Gormley hockey card from his Dad he decides that this is just the lucky charm his hapless hockey team needs to end its record-breaking losing streak. With the card in hand all goes well and the team is finally winning some games... until perfectly loathsome Leo Louse steals the card from Jacob's locker. Jake and Buford visit the aged Gummer Gormley to ask for another card but he turns them down, reminding them that skill wins games, not luck. Back at the arena Jacob pulls himself together and leads the team to a win, proving the old hockey legend's words to be true.

    good episode,and very funny.
    this is a fine example of Jacob Two-Two.