Jacob Two-Two

Season 3 Episode 10

Jacob Two-Two and the Quibbling Siblings

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Unknown on YTV



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    • Jacob: (voiceover) When Kid Power started fighting, it was up to me to get them back together. Even though I ended up getting captured, it forced Kid Power to work together for my rescue and their reunion. If people you know are fighting, you should help bring them back together. Just like me, Jacob Two-Two.

    • Jacob: (regarding a secret message) But what if it's important?
      Noah: Well, then. All the more reason not to trust Crapiro with it!
      Emma: That goes double for O'Traitor!

    • Jacob: I talked to Renee. She told me that you never phoned her to join Kid Power. You were just setting me up. Again.
      Noah: Oh, not Renee Ratelle. A different Renee Renee Clark.
      Emma: (at the same time as Noah)) Renee Jones.

    • Emma: What do you think? He's certainly eager enough.
      Noah: No, no. Too young. Too rash. He lacks the Kid Power stuff.
      Jacob: I'll show you. I'll show you.
      Emma: Well done, O'Toole. Operation Bait the Hook is a resounding success.

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