Jacob Two-Two

Season 3 Episode 5

Jacob Two-Two and the Super Special Skates

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Unknown on YTV



  • Trivia

    • "Spineless" Spencer plays for the Montreal Marvels. Morty, Jacob Two-Two's Dad, makes him a bet, with the requirement that he waive his "no-trade" clause if he loses. Morty comments that maybe he'll get sent to Toronto.

  • Quotes

    • Morty: (to Jacob)) Don't fret, little one. I enjoy helping the less fortunate.
      Morty: Very admirable. Try helping your defensemen once in a while.
      Spencer: Shouldn't you be home? In a rocking chair?
      Morty: Shouldn't you be in the Bahamas, holding out for more money?

    • Spencer: This can't be happening. The fastest kid out there isn't wearing my product! Well, this is a marketing disaster waiting to happen. What if he starts a trend? This calls for a little "old-time" merchandising.

    • Jacob: My ankles are killing me!
      Morty: You have no ankles, Jake, only heart. Listen to your heart.
      Jacob: It's not working, Dad. My heart is telling me that my ankles are killing me.
      Morty: Ah, that's just your ankles pretending to be your heart.

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