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    Discovered Jacob after DTV started! But schedule in DFW is sketchy at best some times. Stories have solid foundations on personal,family and civic values and hold you. The characters, for the most part, are well developed and I believe most of us have had experiences with people, and their "situations", like them. It is a shame the shows with real value cant't gon forever. Trying to find a usable image of Mr. Moleculus, whoever created this character had to have attended Rapid City H.S, Rapid City, S.D. 1959-, the description of the personnality and thcharaciture drawing are to close to be a coiencedence> If anyone can help on an Image of Mr. Moleculus, there are a lot of guys from the class of 1959 that would be grateful.
  • Underappreciated and unique. About a timid and adventurous 10-year-old boy going through the adventures of everyday life. In the process, he meets many people of which either hate him, or adore him and help him.

    I'd have to say, Jacob Two Two is definietly a show that's really up there when it comes to creativity and the family/children genre. Although it takes place in Montreal, the plots and characters are very storybook-like in a way which almost creates a scenario of what would happen if childrens' books were to meet with the cartoon world. Jacob Two Two does exactly that, yet the show presents itself as something that not only kids can enjoy, but everyone else can as well.

    Most of the concepts in the show are a bit stereotypical(homeless janitors, conniving crooks, donut-obsessed police, etc.), though not to the point in which it becomes annoying or an unspoken law(Miss Sweetie Pie is a good example). The sense of darkness and appearance to reality, that's nearly impossible to detect unless you've seen the show a lot, in each plotline sort of makes you think more deeply about what some of the people we see everyday may be doing or thinking. Even so, the show can still very well be considered childish due to its simplistic and overexaggerated conflicts, and does a job at teaching quite a few of the less obvious lessons to kids.

    As for Jacob himself and some of the other characters, I do love how the show tries their best to actually give each character personalities. Jacob has certainly grown from the scared little boy of season one. Yet at the same time, he still keeps the same charm that Mordecai intended for him to have originally.

    I shall end the long review with a 9.5/10, because I really think the show can go a lot further in terms of the characters' relationships/friendships with one another.
  • This is the best show ever!!!!!!!

    I absolutely love this show. It needs to be on more channels at more times. I really wish more people like it.n I wish YTV has it on at more times and not just 11:30 am Mon-Thurs. The show is really good because it was made in Canada.My favorite character is of course Jacob Two Two himself for a few reasons. The show isn't really famous unlike these other cartoons. This show is better than all of those show combined ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • I can't believe I like this show!

    This show has a kid who annoys me by saying everything twice, who has a brother and sister that made the stupidest idea for a club (KID POWER!!!! That's gay and almost everybody looks creepy or ugly (jacob's mother, i don't remember jacob's biggest sister name, leo lous, principal greedy guts, ms. sour pickle, the policeman, and many others.

    But then I realize it's the storylines. They have childish storylines but for some reasons I can't stop watching them, it's like there's a subliminal message in there that keeps you hooked. But then I realize it's how the characters act and solving puzzles that make this show greatness.

    Buefurd (or however you spell his name) has to be the best character because he's so random.

    Storylines: pretty cool-8.8
    Characters: okay-5
    Animation: unique-9
  • a great show, worth watching

    as someone else said and i agree with them jacob is the cutest cartoon character ever. not as in boy cute but as in little kid cute. jacob is a spy...i think. he has a mean selfish principal who is stuck up rich and very fat. this is truly a great show. the episode about him and his sisters robot which was on today was very funny. just historical. i reccomend you wacth the show. it really is worth watching.
  • Cool Show

    this is one of the greatest show ever, this show is about a boy who want to to the right thing this show is similar to Assy McGee but for children this show teaches good value & lessons about good use of your children. This is also a Calvin & Hobbes similar show

    You Should Watch It
  • What is this show about some kid named jacob two-two who goes out and does weird stuff yeah what is this show exactly im not trying to be mean or anything.

    Seireisly I dont understand this show at all the style is 60s the characters sound weird this show is so messed up so this is the reason I rated this show a 7.8 cause I sometimes watch it on saturday mornings on qubo weird show dont understand this seires at all.
  • Based on the mysterious books from the same name and adventures , It's worth watching when you keep on looking at it.

    Jacob Two Two is the main character of the show with his two best friends which the only suffering part is that some of everyone treat him so horrible like the teacher , the principal , Jacob's brother and sisters ( The other brother seems to be a punk hippie ) , and some others. But most of them treat nicely to him and his adventures can be in dark situations like others that feel to The Twlight Zone or even some horror shows expect this has some brightness in it. There's something strange on this show compared to the book , it really isn't Live Action but Animated and yet it would've been cool to see it in Live Action like what you see in the books if you've ever read them before but the animated progress is good too. Everything else sums it up to a good score of 7.0 out of 10.0 overall. If your a fan of the books and are a new fan watching then go check it out otherwise for the other people in the same refrence for it , you too can watch it and many others expect for those that hate the show which is actually great.
  • Very cute boy, really^^

    The show is amazing but the best is the design of characters! lol Jacob is too cuteee, really! And Daniel is very funny because he's too cool. xD But I think the teacher should be nicer, if it was such it the show can be better, because the story of evil school is sooo out >.< But apart this, I love his family, there all are very funny! Go Jacob!^^
  • A new styled show with dark references

    It makes you wonder whne it goes too far, and this show may do it with a happy family appearance, but the dark evils of school and law authorities. This cartoon, made in the great Maple Leaf Country, has some lessons I believe youngins should not learn, or need to know. Jacob is a nice kid, but it seems way too immature of a show, dealing with issues it shows. Not many will be fascinated by the animation, which is smooth, but too wiggy, and whats with the theme song? Really... Overall, some people will enjoy it, others not, and sadly, I don't.
  • This show rocks!

    This show doesn't get enough air time or enough respect! But this is an awesome show! It is not at all boring or anything! I watch everytime it airs on my Cartoon Network! Though It may not be my favourite show it is up there like in the top 5 !

    This show is adored by most people in my house it is sooooooooooo cute!!! Jacob is the cutest cartoon character in the world and he\'s my favorite! I still can\'t get over how cute he\'s fact that he has to repeat himself all the time it\'s adorably, Especialy in the firt episode, \"Jacob Two-Two vs The Hooded Fang\" when they\'re in the closet and Jac scares him, when he says sorry is the cutest part!!! What can I say, I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
  • Not appreciated as much as it should be.

    Incorporating mystery, surprise, adventure, suspense, adventure and humore all in one makes for an enjoyable family show! From the books, Jacob Two-Two is a young boy who tries to get by in life despite frustration and stressful situations. He tries to get by his academic career at a terrbile school with his 2 best friends, Renee and Buford, who help him make sure he does things to the best of his ability. It's not a waste of time! Watch it, and you may be surprised that you may actually enjoy it!