Jacob Two-Two

Weekdays 3:30 PM on YTV Premiered Sep 01, 2003 Between Seasons





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  • Underappreciated and unique. About a timid and adventurous 10-year-old boy going through the adventures of everyday life. In the process, he meets many people of which either hate him, or adore him and help him.

    I'd have to say, Jacob Two Two is definietly a show that's really up there when it comes to creativity and the family/children genre. Although it takes place in Montreal, the plots and characters are very storybook-like in a way which almost creates a scenario of what would happen if childrens' books were to meet with the cartoon world. Jacob Two Two does exactly that, yet the show presents itself as something that not only kids can enjoy, but everyone else can as well.

    Most of the concepts in the show are a bit stereotypical(homeless janitors, conniving crooks, donut-obsessed police, etc.), though not to the point in which it becomes annoying or an unspoken law(Miss Sweetie Pie is a good example). The sense of darkness and appearance to reality, that's nearly impossible to detect unless you've seen the show a lot, in each plotline sort of makes you think more deeply about what some of the people we see everyday may be doing or thinking. Even so, the show can still very well be considered childish due to its simplistic and overexaggerated conflicts, and does a job at teaching quite a few of the less obvious lessons to kids.

    As for Jacob himself and some of the other characters, I do love how the show tries their best to actually give each character personalities. Jacob has certainly grown from the scared little boy of season one. Yet at the same time, he still keeps the same charm that Mordecai intended for him to have originally.

    I shall end the long review with a 9.5/10, because I really think the show can go a lot further in terms of the characters' relationships/friendships with one another.