Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 22, 1996 on CBS
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A killed Navy officer working at a destroyer's new defensive system is investigated by Harm with help from Lt. Pike and Cdr. Brockman. Later on, during the testing of this system a malfunction occurs and the system takes over the ship. Without any chance to navigate it, the ship drifts directly to North Korea where the North Korean Navy is already awaiting them. Meg, who came in later, tries with other technicians to break the locking to regain control over the sabotaged system. Locations: Okinawa, Japan; Japanese Sea


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    Jim Metzler

    Jim Metzler

    Cmdr. Miller

    Guest Star

    John Dossett

    John Dossett

    Cmdr. Dennis Brockman

    Guest Star

    Ken Takemoto

    Ken Takemoto

    Restaurant Owner

    Guest Star

    Andrea Parker

    Andrea Parker

    Lt. Caitlin 'Kate' Pike

    Recurring Role

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • The ship used to portray the USS Daniel Boone (Hull #51) is the Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer, USS Arleigh Burke -- DDG 51, commissioned on July 4, 1991. The ship was named after the famous Destroyer commander & 3-time CNO. It is Arleigh Burke's portrait that Adm. Chegwidden has hanging on his wall.

      • Goof: The hull number on the ballcaps of the sailors on the USS Daniel Boone doesn't match the hull number of the ship used to portray it. The hull number on the caps, DDG-72, is currently assigned to the Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer, USS Mahan.

      • Goof: When LCMR Rabb and Lt. Pike get off the chopper on the USS Daniel Boone, they are wearing uniforms with no flight suits on. It is Navy regulation that you have on a full flight suit while in a chopper and not going into combat.

      • Goof: Just as the F-14's are coming under fire from the ship, we are shown the pilots. One of the pilots, "Pendry" was killed when his F-14 crashed due to a malfunction in the earlier episode "Pilot Error". As such, "Pendry" could not have been fired on in this episode since he was already deceased.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Harm: (after Brockman acts jealous of Harm) I got news for you. It may be over for you, but he's still carrying a torch.
        Kate: Can you blame him?
        Harm: (as they both laugh) I miss you!

      • Harm: (as they search for Camposano) Wait here. If you see him, shoot him.
        Brockman: Are you giving me an order, Commander?!
        Harm: No, a strategy.

      • Kate: I've become an expert at turning temporary assignments into semi-permanent exile.

      • Lt. Cmdr. Camposano: (holding Brockman hostage) I walk out of here, or he dies.
        Harm: Try it. I don't like him anyway.

      • Cdr. Brockman:(to Harm) This must have hit some hot buttons in Washington for the Admiral to send the JAG poster boy himself!

      • Harm: Why'd you dump him?
        Kate: I didn't dump him... It got too heavy.
        Harm: What'd he do? Ask you to marry him? (Kate does not respond) He asked you to marry him!
        Kate: I'm pleading the 5th.
        Harm: And I'm declaring you a hostile witness.
        Kate: It took you this long to figure that out?

      • Kate: Why are you so curious?
        Harm: It's my nature.

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