Season 9 Episode 6

Back in the Saddle

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2003 on CBS

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  • Great episode.

    Harm loses his job in the CIA after being filmed by a ZNN film crew aboard the USS Seahawk. After being unemployed again, Harm takes up crop dusting to make ends meet. Commander Carolyn Imes comes to JAG to fill the position vacated by Harm. Budd and Mac discovers that their old work colleague falsified documents and has been practising law without passing the bar exam. Admiral Chedwiggen visits Harm and gives him a new job opportunity. Catherine Gale tells Harm that she is pregnant. It's another exciting episode. After a number of episodes with the CIA, Harm is back at JAG. It's a really exciting episode.
  • this is why i like this show.

    in this episode there is comedy and serious aswell. i love the way that they pretend to be married just for Catherines mother. that is a very nice story. on the other side there is mac and bud going through Cmdr Imes cases since she had not passed to be a lawyer. there is less action in this episode but is made up for by brilliant dialog and acting. i love the character of Catherine Gale. but this is one of the great episodes of jag. certainly one of my favourites.