Season 9 Episode 6

Back in the Saddle

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2003 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Nitpick: Grace Aviation, where Harm picks up work as a crop duster, is in Blacksburg, Virginia. In reality, Blacksburg is about a four-hour drive from Falls Church (where JAG HQ is ficticiously located on the show). However, Harm refers to it as "100 miles" away, and seems to make the round-trip drive on his motorcycle every day.

  • Quotes

    • Mac: (after Sturgis lists her faults to her) Lieutenant, do you think I always take the 'narrow view'?
      Bud: No, ma'am.
      Mac: D'you find me sanctimonious?
      Bud: No, ma'am.
      Mac: Priggish?
      Bud: No, ma'am.
      Mac: Good. Would you tell me if you did?
      Bud: No, ma'am.

    • Esther Gale: (about Catherine's pregnancy) You didn't have anything to do with that, did you?
      Harm: I'm told no.
      Esther Gale: I'm sure you'd remember if you did.

    • Mattie Grace: Well, Harm, we've got one thing in common. We both have goofy names.

    • Mac: You ever miss it?
      Harm: Being a lawyer?
      Mac: Everything.
      Harm: Things change, Mac.

    • Mac: You remember Commander Imes?
      Harm: Beat her six times in a row.
      Mac: Not that you were keeping score.

    • (Discussing Carolyn Imes)
      Sturgis: You want to court-martial the commander . . .
      Admiral Chegwidden: No, I want to throw her a damn party! Dismissed!

    • Esther Gale: You look like you have a lot on your mind Commander.
      Harm: You ever have your life turned upside down?
      Esther Gale: You ever had your heart stop beating?
      Harm: Touche.

    • Mac: You were practicing law without a license.
      Commander Imes: A technicality.

    • Harm: My life is a constant surprise. Especially to me.

  • Notes

    • When Harm is on his motorcycle riding out to the airport, the music playing in the background is Stevie Ray Vaughan's rendition of "Empty Arms".

    • 15 year-old Hallee Hirsh has had a busy acting career, appearing as Rachel Greene in ER among many others.

    • Cmdr. Imes told Mac that she graduated from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. The school is a prestigous law school located across the street from the capitol in Lansing, MI and named for a former Michigan Supreme Court Justice. The school is the 2nd largest law school in the country.

    • Actress Dana Sparks returns as Carolyn Imes, last seen in the Season 5 episode "The Return".

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