Season 5 Episode 16

Boomerang (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2000 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • During his testimony, Chief Toohey states that he served with Seaman Dunsmore on the HMAS Swan, however, during the opening scene of the previous episode, their cap tallies identify their ship as HMAS Anzac.

    • The Australian Captain and Chegwidden mention "Keelhauling". This is a old Navy form of punishment.

    • When the rivalry between Harm & Mic leads to punches being thrown, the fists land on Bud's jaw, fracturing it in two places. Bud's jaw is wired shut and would remain that way until the episode "Drop Zone". The punches brings Adm. Chegwiggen to Australia and decides that Harm & Mic need to settle their differences once & for all.

    • Goof: In this two-parter, the first look at Mic Brumby's shoulder insignia show him to have been promoted to Commander. In some shots of his back, however, he still wears Lieutenant Commander's shoulder boards. In addition, there are scenes in which Cmdr. Brumby is wearing his combination cap with no "scrambled egg" embellishment on the peak. In the Royal Australian Navy, however, officers of the rank of Commander and above ALL have such an embellishment on their caps.

  • Quotes

    • Admiral Chegwidden: (to Harm, while Mac and Mic stayed behind) Commander, never look back.

    • Admiral Chegwidden: (seeing Mac wearing Mic's ring) Colonel, are congratulations in order?
      Mac: It's on the right hand, sir.
      Admiral Chegwidden: So it is.
      Harm: Friendship ring?
      Mic: For now.

    • Admiral Chegwidden: Have you talked to Harriet yet?
      Bud: Not yet, sir.
      Admiral Chegwidden: Well, the wired jaw should get you some slack.

    • (Mac has just congratulated Harm with a handshake)
      Mic: Well, I would have expected more than a handshake if I'd won, Mac.
      Harm: Well, you always expect more than you deserve.
      Mac: Mic, I'm leaving tomorrow, would you like to have dinner tonight?

    • Mac: So what bothered you? That I went to the beach with him[Mic], or that you thought I was topless?
      Harm: You weren't?
      Mac: Harmon Rabb, you are a prude!
      Harm: I am not! Look, I don't care if you wanna go topless.
      Mac: You do if it's in front of Mic!
      Harm: You worked with the guy Mac! You wouldn't go topless in front of me...
      Mac: Is that a request?
      Harm: (embarrassed) You know, they wrote eternity on this bridge in lights on New Year's Eve.
      Mac: Is that how long we're gonna wait?
      Harm: Mac...
      Mac: We're not in Washington. We're not even on the same continent.
      Harm: The location doesn't change who we are.
      Mac: Most men would disagree with you.
      Harm: I know. I disagree with me sometimes, too.
      Mac: But you still can't let go.
      Harm: Not yet.
      Mac: (suddenly understanding) You're just this way with me, aren't you?
      Harm: Yeah. Only with you.
      Mac: I suppose I should be flattered.
      Harm: You should, Sarah.

    • (Harm and Mac recreate the struggle between Seaman Dunsmore and PO Lee)
      Mac: You know, if this wasn't a reenactment I would have you on the deck with my foot on your neck!

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