Season 5 Episode 16

Boomerang (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2000 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Mac: So what bothered you? That I went to the beach with him[Mic], or that you thought I was topless?
      Harm: You weren't?
      Mac: Harmon Rabb, you are a prude!
      Harm: I am not! Look, I don't care if you wanna go topless.
      Mac: You do if it's in front of Mic!
      Harm: You worked with the guy Mac! You wouldn't go topless in front of me...
      Mac: Is that a request?
      Harm: (embarrassed) You know, they wrote eternity on this bridge in lights on New Year's Eve.
      Mac: Is that how long we're gonna wait?
      Harm: Mac...
      Mac: We're not in Washington. We're not even on the same continent.
      Harm: The location doesn't change who we are.
      Mac: Most men would disagree with you.
      Harm: I know. I disagree with me sometimes, too.
      Mac: But you still can't let go.
      Harm: Not yet.
      Mac: (suddenly understanding) You're just this way with me, aren't you?
      Harm: Yeah. Only with you.
      Mac: I suppose I should be flattered.
      Harm: You should, Sarah.

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