Season 10 Episode 15

Bridging the Gulf

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2005 on CBS

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  • More Middle East

    It seems season 10 is the year of the Middle East. This time Harm is sent out to investigate a Navy helicopter attack on a unarmed fishing boat that was approaching an oil platform. In non-Harm fashion we get a quick write-up and recommendation that the helicopter crew was not at fault. We soon learn the reason for this is the main story is Harm himself. In an amazing coincidence while Harm is up working on his F-18 quals and unidentified aircraft approaches the oil platform. The two fighter screens normally on patrol had been dispatched to an S.O.S. call so only Harm is available. He tries some of his old tricks to knock the plane off path when it appears that the crew is unconscious. Harm resorts to shooting the plane down to protect the oil. Next up is Sturgis who is sent to investigate Harm's incident. They have a huge blowup which seemed fairly ridiculous because Sturgis hasn't even been in like the last 3 episodes and they used to be fairly good friends. He recommends Harm receive an article 32 hearing and they spar some more.

    Meanwhile Mac is dealing with a newly assigned lawyer to the team Lt. Gregory Vukovic. She seems to have problems with his methods and lack of military bearing. I don't think I like him either.

    Where has Jen Coates gone to?