Season 10 Episode 7

Camp Delta

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2004 on CBS

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  • A low of lows in JAG.

    It seems more like an episode written by Lou Dobbs. Both trials were biased in their message. The argument which set up Bud's trial was poorly conceived. If we had not invaded Iraq, we would have lost our freedom to speak our minds? And yet they were arguing with him about his opinion. Secondly, the trial of the MPs were also ill-conceived. I guess if Harm would have defended the Nazis at Nuremburg, all of the Nazis would have been found innocent for "following orders". I would not have minded so much if the sides were better balanced. However, I get the impression that the episode sold out to appeal to the opinions of the masses rather than trying to remind people the principles which this country was founded on which makes country great.
  • A nice display of current American issues, as usually with a JAG episode.

    What I especially like about this episode is the way it deals with the controversy about then current American politics.

    JAG has for one often shown the military approach to be successful -- after all it's a military show -- and military folks in the show do not complain about political orders, they rather follow them with their brains turned on. On the other hand, there is tension among officers who are forced to act disregarding their beliefs and attitudes.

    Military of course has to work like this, i.e. getting the job done. But when in this episode, the history teacher, a scholar, is debating with the two Roberts sons about the ongoing challenges in Iraq and their questionable legitimation to be there, it becomes clear that there truly are different opinions as to where the government is going with this. It's a nice display of current American issues, as usually with a JAG episode.