Season 7 Episode 12

Capital Crime

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 2002 on CBS

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  • A wonderful story about Mac and Harm on opposite sides of the world.

    "Capital Crimes" is a wonderful episode. Mac finally admits out loud her love for Harm and as a result gains a closer friend. Mac discovers 30 kilo of weapons grade material is in the hands of Muslim extremists and without busting the JAG budget. Between her psychic abilities, her mastery of multiple languages, and using the telephone she discovers something isn't right in Russia. The pieces fall into place and a Seal team takes care of the rest.

    Harm teaches us there are mishaps from which to learn and those to prosecute. The on-board JAG of the Patrick Henry wants to convene article 32 hearings for the crew and the Captain. Since the JAC officer is under the command of the ship's Captain, Harm comes on-board with a higher command authority; one that can bring charges against the ship's Captain, if necessary. Harm starts his investigation from scratch and ends up obtaining information the ship board JAG office didn't obtain (ask or seek). Every crew member and even the Captain are willing to take the blame, even though it means the end of their career and possible brig time. Harm determines there isn't enough evidence against anyone and no one is blaming anyone else. His report declines to proceed to charges, but instead the Navy and the Patrick Henry’s crew should consider it learning accident.
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