Season 7 Episode 12

Capital Crime

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 2002 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • While talking with Sturgis in the office, Mac says to him that she is in love with Harm. She then makes it clear to him that he had better not repeat what she said to anyone.

    • Nitpick: Lt. Yuen's cover (ballcap) lists the USS Patrick Henry's hull number, "CVN-19", when it should have listed the correct hull number, "CVN-74". There has been no CVN-19 in the US Navy, though there was a CV-19, USS Hancock commissioned during WWII; the ship and her crews served with honour & distinction until she was decommissioned in 1976.

  • Quotes

    • Sturgis: Mac...
      Mac: We still have a Russian arms agreement to hammer out.
      Sturgis: Let's get to it.
      Mac: We also have an agreement of our own, don't forget concerning a little secret I let slip.
      Sturgis: Oh, my lips are sealed. Of course, I can't control any telepathic messages I might let fly.
      Mac: You starting to believe in 'hokum', Sturgis?
      Sturgis: Hey, just covering my six, Mac.
      Mac: Well, you let fly our secret and you won't have a six.
      Sturgis: So, this is what it's like being friends with you?
      Mac: (chuckling) This is just the beginning.

    • (Discussing Harm and Mac)
      Sturgis: There seems to be a certain tension with you two.
      Mac: Some.
      Sturgis: A lot.
      Mac: Look y-you're missing the point, Sturgis.
      Sturgis: Come on, Mac.
      Mac: I've never slept with him.
      Sturgis: Is that the problem?
      Mac: There is no problem.
      Sturgis: Then why don't you just get over it and move on?
      (Mac gets up out of her chair and moves to the door and closes it)
      Mac: It wouldn't work.
      Sturgis: Why?
      Mac: Because I'm in love with him. (a long pause) Did I say that? (Mac sighs. Another long pause while Mac moves to a chair beside Sturgis and sits down) You have to keep that to yourself.
      Sturgis: Okay.
      Mac: I mean it, Sturgis.
      Sturgis: So do I.

    • Mac: I had a weird dream.
      Sturgis: Scary weird, or naked in front of the Marine Corps Band weird?

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