Season 5 Episode 9

Contemptuous Words

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 1999 on CBS

Episode Recap

AJ, Mac and Bud convene in AJ's office to discuss the op-ed piece criticising the president that ran in that morning's paper. The paper states that the piece was sent in by a military officer but does not name him/her. AJ advises Mac and Bud that the article violates article 88 of the UCMJ and that they should investigate.

Meanwhile, Harm has met with Bobbi Latham at the golf course. They discuss congress and Harm's golfing Bobbi tells Harm that she has seen the promotions list and Harm is on it.

Back at the office, Harm meets with AJ who asks Harm if he has seen the article and Harm indicates that he has not. AJ reads the article to Harm and then suggests that he help Mac and Bud with the investigation. The three travel to the office of the newspaper that printed the editorial and try to find out who wrote it. The newspaper will provide no information but Bud suggests tracing the route of the email to find out who was the author.

Later, at Mac's apartment she receives a call summoning her to the hospital to act as temporary law advice. An officer has just died and his fiancée wishes to freeze his sperm. Mac must decide whether this can happen.

At the JAG office, Harm's office has been sealed off and his computer is being confiscated. The email trail that Bud was tracing led back to Harm's computer. He confronts AJ to find out whether the admiral suspects him too, and AJ confirms that he does not believe Harm wrote the editorial but he can't do much about it. He informs Harm that the Office of the Inspector General will be investigating. Bud finds Harm and explains to him that someone may have hacked the JAG network to send the editorial from Harm's computer. He has checked Harm's previous cases for possible enemies and has come up with a large pile of files. While he is looking at the files, an investigator from the Office of the Inspector General arrives and indicates to Harm that he believes he is guilty.

Mac returns to the hospital where she meets with the dead officer's fiancée. She is unsure whether to allow the sperm to be removed from the dead officer as she does not know what he would want. The fiancée provides letters written that show his feelings.

Harm meets with members of a conservative organisation who offer to help him with his law case. He declines. He returns to the office after his meeting and confronts Mic, who now resides in his previous office. He indicates that Mic may have sent the piece from Harm's computer. Mic denies that he did so.

Back at the hospital, the sperm has just been removed from the officer when another woman approaches Mac and the fiancée. She tells them that she is the dead officer's wife. They were getting divorced but the officer died before the divorce was finalised. She tells them that she wants the sperm destroyed and is willing to get a court order to see to this. Back at JAG, Harm and Bud are discussing Harm's case when writing starts to appear on Bud's computer. The message reads "Give your friend Harm my condolences. Tough Break. Did I put my foot in his mouth?".

Harm is back at the golf course when one of the members of the conservative organisation approaches him again and again offer to help him. This time Harm accepts his offer.

Later, Harm and Mac are in the break room where Mac places a container in the freezer. Harm asks what it is and Mac tells him that it is frozen sperm which is being argued over. Harm leaves the room when things get uncomfortable after Mic arrives and makes a comment about the sperm. He heads for his office with Suzanne Moore who has arrived to discuss his case with him. They talk about the tracking of the email trail which has led to Leavenworth prison where Harm's long term rival, Clark Palmer, is being held.

Harm visits Leavenworth and finds a file on Clark's computer which contains the editorial that is being blamed on Harm. Back at the office, Agent Nichols tells Harm that the editorial had been downloaded from the newspaper's web site and had not been written on Palmer's computer.

Mac needs to hide the frozen sperm somewhere that it can not be found, so she takes it to Harriet's house and hides it in her freezer.

Harm visits the admiral in his office, and the admiral informs Harm that his case is going to court martial. Harm meets with the team that is helping him with his case, including his new lawyer. His lawyer goes through a practise run for when Harm takes the stand at his court martial and Harm is unable to answer all of the lawyer's questions. Outside the office where the meeting was held, Harm bumps into Suzanne who tries to cheer him up but is unsuccessful.

At JAG headquarters, Mac meets the dead officer's wife and fiancée who argue over what should happen to his sperm. Mac shows her the officer's letters to try to make the wife understand that he wanted children, but this only makes her more angry and she leaves the office before a resolution is reached.

Elsewhere in the office, Gunny delivers a letter to Harm and indicates that if he had written the editorial he would have a lot of support from a lot of marines. Harm opens the letter which is an apology from Suzanne for what happened after his meeting and an invitation to meet members of the press. Her writing strikes a chord with Harm.

The sperm is collected from Harriet's house pending trial. Mac tells Harriet that the officer's fiancée is pregnant and leaves, passing Bud on his way into the apartment.

The following day, Harm and Suzanne fight their way through the press and into a meeting room. Harm confronts Suzanne and compares her writing to that on the editorial. Her use of language is very similar to that on the editorial. She confesses that she wrote the editorial and sent it from her laptop. She tells Harm that she can't be charged as she did nothing illegal, but Harm tells her all the things she may be charged with, including telecommunications fraud.

Back at JAG, the Secretary of the Navy gives Harm a promotion to the rank of commander.

Clark Palmer is shown making a transaction on his computer at the prison. Meanwhile, an email is received by the news office that Harm originally visited, indicating that Harm has a bank balance of $800,000.

Back at JAG, Bud and Mac congratulate Harm on his new promotion, ending the episode.