Season 1 Episode 13

Defensive Action

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 1996 on CBS
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Harmon Rabb is promoted and his first assignment as Lt. Commander is defending Capt. 'CAG' Boone in a court-martial. During a mission over Bosnia one aircraft goes down due to a system malfunction. A Serbian helicopter shoots at the parachuting crew and to protect them the CAG shoots down the helicopter. Now he has to defend himself in front of a court-martial accused of shooting down the helicopter as an act of revenge, violating a cease-fire and with that risking a new war break-out. Locations: Bosnia; Naples, Italy; USS Seahawk/Adriatic Sea; Washington D.C.


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  • Defensive Action


    Harm is promoted to Lt. Commander. He's assigned to Defend the CAG. Capt Boone is facing a court-martial for shooting down a Serbian helicopter witch opens fire on a parachuting crew. Now he has to defend himself in front of a court-martial accused of shooting down the helicopter as an act of revenge. While Court-martial is about to end. Meg takes over as defense counsel. While harm goes into to find the other missing crewman. Harm finds the other missing crewman. Mean while the CAG Is found not Guilty. Back on Seahawk Harm has arrived with the Missing crewman and Harm ask what the verdict was. Meg tells Harm not guilty. Harm hands the CAG a piece of the parachute which has bullet holes in It.

Cliff DeYoung

Cliff DeYoung

Chuck DePalma

Guest Star

Tim Quill

Tim Quill

Lt. Mason Painter

Guest Star

Scott Jaeck

Scott Jaeck

Cmdr. Dooley

Guest Star

Andrea Thompson

Andrea Thompson

Commander Allison Krennick

Recurring Role

W.K. Stratton

W.K. Stratton

Cmdr. Ted Lindsey

Recurring Role

Bill Bolender

Bill Bolender

Captain Ross

Recurring Role

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    • Cmdr Krennick: Captain, congratulations. That was a brilliant closing argument.
      Cpt Boone: It was the truth.
      Cmdr Krennick: I know. That's why it brilliant.

    • CAG Boone: Can I be my own lawyer?
      Meg: Technically, Sir, but...
      CAG Boone: You're fired, Lieutenant.

    • Harm: When do we leave, sir?
      Cmdr Lindsey: Right after we light up. (He hands them each a cigar)
      Harm: Your wife have a baby, sir?
      Cmdr Lindsey: Not that I know of. This just arrived from the Secretary of the Navy. Congratulations... Lieutenant Commander Rabb.
      (Meg gives Harm a kiss on the cheek)
      Cmdr Lindsey: Makes me wish you were around when I got my promotion, Lieutenant.

    • CAG: I don't like the way you people fight.
      Harm: You don't have to. All you have to do is stay out of our way.

    • CAG Boone: It's about time you got back!
      Lt. Painter: I took a long weekend in the mountains, sir.
      CAG Boone: Well, next time you ask my permission first!
      Lt. Painter: Aye aye sir.

    • Cmdr. Krennick: Gentlemen, peace or war may be hanging on the outcome of this trial, but that should not be a factor in your decision, any more than Captain Boone's exemplary war record.
      CAG Boone: Then why did she mention it?
      Meg: She's smart, Sir.

    • Marine: We'll drop you right smack down on whoever's sending that signal.
      Harm: What if it's not Painter?
      Marine: Just don't play the hero. A prison's better than a pine box, all right? I can rescue you from a prison.
      Harm: That's what I like about you Marines, always looking for a silver lining.

    • CAG Boone: How did it feel, Harm? Knowing you'd never fly off a carrier again?
      Harm: It was terrible. Until I found another way to serve.
      CAG Boone: You're a young man. A lot easier to adjust.
      Harm: No, it wasn't easy, CAG.
      CAG Boone: No, I don't imagine it was. I wonder how it's going to feel flying drunken tourists to Vegas.

    • Cmdr. Krennick: If I were you, talking hypothetically, of course, I'd be talking deal.
      Harm: Well, I'm not, but since we're talking hypothetically, what would that deal be?
      Cmdr. Krennick: The CAG resigns, admits his responsibility, court-martial never happens.
      CAG Boone: You can go to hell! Hypothetically.

    • CAG Boone: When I saw him firing on my men, I took him out, and I'd do it again, peace treaty or no.

    • (Harm watches a plane land on the Seahawk)
      CPO Bannon: You still miss it, don't you sir?
      Harm: Only when I'm back on board, or see a jet, or shaving in the morning, in my dreams, eating a pizza, watching a movie . . .

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