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Season 7 Episode 9

Dog Robber (1)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2001 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Dog Robber (1)

A Navy P-3 spy plane is rammed by a Chinese MIG and is forced to land at a Chinese Air Base. (The second such incident; the first being the actual incident that occurred early 2001)

The SecNav requests Adm. Boone re-activated to active duty, in order to travel with Harm to the Air Base to negotiate with the Chinese for the release of the plane & crew.

Meanwhile, Mac, Bud, and Sturgis deal with two seamen from the Academy who engaged in a duel.

After the Chinese Commander is presented with photographic evidence that the MIG & its pilot that rammed the P-3 is alive & well (contrary to claims by the Chinese that the pilot was killed), the Chinese immediately release the P-3 crew; however, they would ship the P-3 back, piece by piece.

Lt. Barrett flying out to escort the plane from Chinese Air Space back to the USS Thomas Jefferson. After telling his wingman a lie to leave the escort, Lt. Barrett disobeys orders, flies into Chinese airspace & destroys the P-3 on the ground.


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  • A cool episode

    With some factual errors.
  • Guard even thine enemy from oppression!

    American Founding Father Thomas Paine said, "He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself."

    The April 1, 2001 collision between a US Navy EP-3 ARIES II spy plane and a Chinese PLAN J-8II interceptor rekindled memories of mid-air interceptions of US Navy spy planes by ROC Air Force pilots in the skies over Taiwan. According to an April 8 article in the Chinese language United Daily News (Lianhe Ribao), US Navy EP-3 spy planes routinely violated Chinese airspace controlled by Taipei as well as by Beijing.

    (That's right. The US routinely engaged in open spying on and provocation of not just of Communist enemy "Red China," but even of capitalist ally "Free China.")

    The ROC Air Force initially dispatched single-seat fighters to chase away the EP-3s, but was later forced to send twin-seat fighters instead, according to one retired military pilot. The EP-3s would play cat and mouse games with the pilots of single-seat fighters, whose attention would be concentrated on photographing the intruders. They would slow suddenly by shutting off two of their four turboprop engines. Jet fighters tailing the EP-3s risked stalling their engines if they abruptly reduced their speed in response.

    Another EP-3 trick was to suddenly execute a sharp turn. "Perhaps the American pilots thought the [ROC] interceptors would immediately fly away when the EP-3s made a sharp turn, so time and again they played these tricks." He said the ill-fated PRC F-8 pilot who died on April 1 might have failed to notice a sharp turn by the EP-3, collided with the US aircraft, and crashed into the sea.

    To make our own liberty secure, we must guard even our enemies from oppression; for if we violate this duty, we will establish a precedent that will reach to ourselves.

    Ron Paul 2012!moreless

    a duel

    that was wat it is about

    2001 the year of 2gether before and after the show got cancelled

    and evan made his own cd!

    and this storyline was good up to a point!

    it was good u can see so much of jerry o keefe in his expressions

    the way he handled himself in front of the court and catherine bell carecter and i think evan farmer needed a lil bit more storyline

    but it was ok cause i was a fan of jag at one point!

    it is a cool show guest starring noah bastain or evan farmermoreless
Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell

Lt. Col. Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie

David James Elliott

David James Elliott

Cmdr. Harmon "Harm" Rabb, Jr.

John M. Jackson

John M. Jackson

Rear Admiral Albert Jethro "AJ" Chegwidden

Patrick Labyorteaux

Patrick Labyorteaux

Lt Bud J. Roberts, Jr.

Scott Lawrence

Scott Lawrence

Commander Sturgis Turner

Lawrence Lowe

Lawrence Lowe

Officer Crumley

Guest Star

Matthew W. Sullivan

Matthew W. Sullivan


Guest Star

David Purdham

David Purdham


Guest Star

John D'Aquino

John D'Aquino

Stuart Dunston

Recurring Role

John DeMita

John DeMita

Marine Judge

Recurring Role

Paul Collins

Paul Collins

SecNav. Nelson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • People from the People's Republic of China use the hanyupinying spelling system, for example, Deng Xiaoping, Xi JinPing. Thus, General Shin Wa Chen should be spelt "Shinwa Chen" or "Cheng Shinwa".

    • Goof: An AMRAAM is a air-to-air missile, and not exactly one that cna be fired towards a ground target.


      Marcy Kaplan first appeared as Millie in the Season 3 opening episode "Ghost Ship".


    • Harm has a new project: building a Corvette from scratch.

    • Goof: As they are flying the crew back to the carrier, Harm reports their position as 18 deg 31'N, 113 deg 14'W. That would put them about 510 miles off the coast of Mexico. That should have been 113 deg14' East, not West longitude.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Midshipman Morris: See, you are not a man.
      Mac: For which I thank God everyday.

    • Mac: I'm sure that when you were in the Academy, you didn't do anything this stupid.
      Sturgis: Unfortunately ma'am, you're wrong.
      Mac: Was Commander Rabb involved?
      Sturgis: Fortunately for both of us, the statute of limitations has run out.

    • Harm: The SecNav wants you to be his personal assistant and troubleshooter.
      Tom Boone: I don't take dictation.

    • Mac: Objection, fighting with swords as sharp as razors is not horseplay!

    • Adm Boone: May I speak bluntly, General?
      General Chen: That always was your habit, Tom.
      Adm Boone: Keep your damn technicians out of our aircraft.

    • GySgt Galindez: They need a company gunny and I need to be back on the fleet where the action is.
      Adm Chegwidden: You know Gunny, I only have one regret.
      GySgt Galindez: What's that, sir?
      Adm Chegwidden: I'm not going with you.

    • Adm Chegwidden: Be safe, Victor.
      GySgt Galindez: Not until we're all safe, sir.

    • Adm Boone: I have nothing against the SecNav personally.
      Harm: He tried to send you to Leavenworth.
      Adm Boone: Except that.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The actor that has always played Admiral Thomas Boone is listed in the credits under the name: Terrence Quinn. In previous appearances in JAG, he had been credited as: 'Terry O'Quinn'.

    • Gunny (Randy Vasquez) is re-assigned to the fleet to assist in the Afghan War. The door was left open that he may one day return to JAG. His re-assignment was due to him starring in the Donald Bellisario short-lived series, First Monday. Vasquez appears in this episode uncredited.


    • When General Chen is writing his eulogy, he includes the line, "His life was snuffed out like a candle in the wind" and then says he's going to amend that line. Harm says, "Too much Elton John?" "Candle In The Wind" is a song written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin about the death of Marilyn Monroe. It was re-written with different lyrics in 1997 as a tribute to Princess Diana.