Season 10 Episode 21

Dream Team

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2005 on CBS

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    We finally get to see the two big dogs work together and it doesn't go well. Vukovic's arrogance backfires and in the end instead of getting the charges for his client dropped they got escalated. It was nice to see Mattie wake up after Harm's impassioned plea to her that he can't keep doing this. The whole dolphin case was pretty awful.

    The huge news is the impending break-up of Harm and Mac so to speak. They both receive orders at the close of the episode. Mac will be off to San Diego and Harm gets promoted to Captain to go along with his new billet in London. We only have one episode to find out what happens...
  • Bud gots scared when Harm and Vukovic are teamed together against him, but this "Dream Team" has a lot of troubled waters ahead of them. Meanwhile, Mac defends a dolphis lover gone wild. Good and bad news wait for both Mac and Harm at the end of the day.

    An enjoyable episode on a very weak season. It has all the elements that attracted their fans in the first place - competition among characters, relationships developing, true, intriguing investigation and court debate - leaving behind the "pro war propaganda" series it was becoming to turn into. Let me say this, even propaganda series have to be done well or will go bad, and this one was going very bad. It is sad that only at the end of the series the producers have found their way back to what it was and what made it successful.

    That said, the new characters lack the charisma of the originals, and look more like a caricature then a recriation: Vukovic does not have the precise and analytical vision Harm developed as a naval aviator, it is more like a "rotatory machine-gun"; Gen. Cresswell does not convince as a leader, has shown none of the political hability of Adm. Chegwidden, only marine bluntness. "Gunny" Galindez had more deepness then those two, together.

    So, near the end of the series, we have a breath of fresh air: some comedy, some tension, some debate - althoug on a weak theme, the use of dolphis to find water mines; it is strange this debate does not arise when dogs are used to snuff for land mines, bombs or drugs, which is by far more dangerous. So the weakness persists.
  • Harm is teamed up with Vucovic and dubbed the dream team in a case against prosecuting attorney Lt Cmdr.Bud Roberts.Bud surprises Rabb in the case with a little help from Mac.Surprising news comes as Harm and Mac learn that they are about to be seperated.

    It was good that Harm finally got to work with a new partner but he underestimates Bud, Bud knows how to win cases which surprised Harm. Bud worried having to face his mentor Cmdr Rabb and the new Lt. Vucovic as the team is dubbed the "Dream Team". After Bud beats the dream team and his congratulated by all everyone is called into a meeting with Gen. Cresswell for some interesting news. This news is a nice surprise but shakes up life for all involved. Harm and Mac learn that choices have to be made and soon. Along with the surprising news Harm finally gets that long awaited promotion to Captain Rabb.