Season 10 Episode 22

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2005 on CBS
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Fair Winds and Following Seas

Gen. Cresswell informs Harm and Mac that they are being reassigned. Harm to London and Mac to San Diego. They both have the option to take someone from the office with them. They both ask Bud, but Harriet is worried about moving.

With their deadline quickly approaching. Harm and Mac must sort out their lives and resolve their feelings for each other.
Harm and Mac both reminisce about times past. And it all ends with a coin toss.

Vukovic is trying to solve his own case.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Why final episode was this way

    To those wondering why there wasn't more of the leads in the final episode. This epidose had been written as a season finalie for the 10th season of JAG and was actually in the process of being filmed in early Aprilof 2005 when the word came down that CBS had cancelled the series. So as a result of thjis cancelation, Donald Bellaario had to completley rewrite the end of the pisode. IF CBS had given the production team more of a heads up that the show had been cancelled, there woulkd have been a completley differetn series finalie. So as a result we got more of the secondary characters than would have appeared had there been a true series finalie. He did the best with what he was given in the time frame to film, edit and have it ready for the network.moreless
  • The end of an era

    It is currently 2012. I have just finished watching the entire series from beginning to end, over several weeks time, seven years after the series ended in 2005.

    I saw season one back in 1995, here on Taiwan. But later seasons never made it over here.

    While I have been harshly critical of the politics of some episodes of JAG, I have always been touched by the human relationships between the many colorful characters.

    I have come to know these characters, as if they were living, breathing human beings, as if they were my personal friends. I will miss them all, deeply. So sad that all good things must come to an end.

    I wish them all "fair winds and following seas."moreless
  • the episode fair wids and following seas is my favorite of all the jag episodes ya it doesnt have the main stuff all the others have but its awlsome.


    also the show has so many key poin ts that people over look like harm and macs attire ya mac is wearing a lovley dress and it is cute but harm is wearing a naval dress uniform witch is the formal attire for navel service personnel everywere so he is not less dressy then mac . in my opinion he is more formal than mac and its not for others to say but as a personm who loves the navy as much as i do i think people who dont know what dress uniform represents then they are stupid.moreless
  • I only caught the later part, so the 16-year-old "marine" got honorable discharge and became an honorary marine. Harm and Sarah got engaged.

    I really like this, but thought they could have at least put in Sarah saying "I love you" or something. Oh well... I wish they could have gone on a couple minutes longer to show us who gave up their job, or, I was thinking, have them both decline and stay where they were. I hate watching series finales because you always want more, but will never, ever get it. :( Otherwise, I thought it was fairly well written for JAG and the plot of the episode felt smooth-ish. The last scene bugged me a little because Sarah was in an evening-type gown and Harm was less dressy and everyone else completely casual; it didn't fit.moreless
  • The end of a generation and the beginning of another, Saran and Harmmon go thru a rememberance of their life to see what is more important their life of their career, finally they did what everyone wanted to see for a long long time.moreless

    This is a great episode beautifully put for a series that is one of my favorites, there is a generational change coming in this as most of the staff for the pass season is retired or promoted leaving JAG with new and fresh hands in some cases make a turn in the style things are handle in the office, the new characters does indeed fit between the staff.

    The main part is the what is going on with Sarah and Harmmon they have so much history and everyone who has followed this series from the beginning will be glad to see they start remembering all their time together and everything they has been through, to add more suspense they are assigned very far from each other but love overcome their career and end up the series in a very cool way. Too bad the Admiral didnt make an appearance.

    You will just love it.moreless
Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell

Lt. Col. Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie

David James Elliott

David James Elliott

Captain Harmon "Harm" Rabb, Jr.

Scott Lawrence

Scott Lawrence

Cmdr. Sturgis Turner

Patrick Labyorteaux

Patrick Labyorteaux

Lt. Cmdr Bud J. Roberts, Jr.

Zoe McLellan

Zoe McLellan

PO1 Jennifer Coates

Michael O'Neill

Michael O'Neill

Maj. Gen. Harold Rossing

Guest Star

Tammy Townsend

Tammy Townsend

Lt. Clarize Boyette

Guest Star

Judith Hoag

Judith Hoag

Mildred Evans

Guest Star

Karri Turner

Karri Turner

Lt. Harriet Sims-Roberts

Recurring Role

Michael Bellisario

Michael Bellisario

"Mikey" Roberts

Recurring Role

Chris Beetem

Chris Beetem

Lt. Gregory Vukovic

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • For the final scene in McMurphy's, Harm has four stripes on his shoulder boards, the only time we see him with the official rank of Captain. In the other scenes he still has only the three stripes of a Commander.

    • David James Elliot, Patrick Labyorteaux, and Michael Bellisario were the only actors in both the first and last episodes of JAG. Bellisario didn't play the same character, however. Although he played Mikey Roberts throughout the series, in the pilot episode he played Antonio, the young Italian boy in the fishing boat.

    • With Harm and Mac marrying Mattie will be the daughter of a Navy Captain and a Marine Lt. Colonel, one of them retired. In real life Hallee Hirsh's mother is an Navy Captain on active duty and her father is a retired Marine Lt. Colonel.

    • This episode opens with the general's announcement of the new assignments - the same announcement that concluded the previous episode. However, the exact wording of the announcement changed between the two episodes:

      End of previous episode:
      "There's been a new development - with the.. uh.. CNO and Commandant's blessing..."

      Beginning of this episode:
      "I have one more order of business - with the CNO and Commandant's blessing..."

    • The coin that Bud tosses in final scene has Judge Advocate General written on the top. And 1995-2005 on the bottom, the years the show was on the air.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Bartender: Figures a guy like him would be with a girl like you.
      Mac: Well, we're still working on that.
      Bartender: Oh, so that makes you the almost fiancee?
      Mac: That's the part we're working on.
      Bartender: I don't see a ring.
      Mac: We're negotiating that.
      Bartender: Lucky you.
      Mac: (looking at Harm) Yeah, lucky me.

    • Harm: I need some advice.
      Mac: Good, because I need yours.
      Harm: What are you doing about the lease on your apartment?
      Mac: That's what you want to talk about, real estate?
      Harm: Yeah.

    • Maj. Gen. Cresswell: Do you think Colonel Mackenzie sees this opportunity as the next step, a chance to start over?
      Coates: Are you referring to the fact that you just put 6000 miles between the Colonel and Commander Rabb, sir?
      Maj. Gen. Cresswell: I am.
      Coates: Let's just say that when their offices were 20 feet apart they couldn't communicate. Now there are eight time zones between them. I think a fresh start is their only chance at happiness, sir.

    • Vukovic: San Diego.
      Mac: What about it?
      Vukovic: I like it out there.
      Mac: No.
      Vukovic: Ma'am, I don't understand.
      Mac: You heard what I said. I do not want you in my command.

    • Mac: What just happened?
      Harm: Your world got turned upside down?
      Mac: And yours didn't, Captain?
      Harm: Captain, I like the sound of that. Don't worry your turn is coming.
      Mac: Don't be condescending.
      Harm: I was trying to be supportive. (after a pause) We both knew that this day might happen.
      Mac: Your elevation to greatness?
      Harm: Our separation. San Diego is what, 6000 miles from London.
      Mac: 5,489, 10 1/2 hours flying time.
      Harm: A lot of decisions need to be made... and I'm not talking about staffing decisions.
      Mac: We have three days, Captain.

    • Maj. Gen. Cresswell: (to Mac) You'll be stationed in San Diego.
      Harm: Well, it's only five hours away.
      Maj. Gen. Cresswell: I wouldn't make my vacation plans just yet, commander. Hope you like Yorkshire pudding.

    • Harm: For this marriage to be successful, one of us has to resign our commission.
      Mac: And it's no surprise we couldn't decide which one.
      Harm: So we're going to let fate decide. Bud?
      Bud: Before he retired Admiral Chegwidden gave me his JAG coin and I thought this would be the perfect moment to use it.

    • Harm: (referring to Lt. Vukovic) You afraid of him?
      Mac: I can bend him like a pretzel.
      Harm: He might like that.

    • Mac: Hey.
      Harm: Hey, yourself.
      Mac: Something so final about a packed suitcase.
      Harm: Yeah, not to mention an entirely packed apartment. How about you, you packed?
      Mac: Not completely. Let's talk about you and me.
      Harm: Neither one of us...
      Mac: Wants to be the first to say goodbye. Yeah, I know the song, we've been singing it for years.
      Harm: Mac, I don't think that I will ever feel about anyone else the way that I feel about you.
      Mac: That's very flattering. One piece of advice- don't share that with your wife, whoever that might be; she might not understand.
      Harm: Do you understand?
      Mac: Why we can't make it work? Why we let fate decide our futures? No. I don't.
      Harm: Let me ask you a personal question. Of all the men in your life, what was it about them that attracted you?
      Mac: Well, they wanted me, and they let me know it.
      Harm: I wanted you. You knew that.
      Mac: Harm, no woman wants to be a mind reader, and with you there's always complications: another woman, work, searching for your father.
      Harm: That's all past.
      Mac: Is it?
      Harm: Mac, we have 12 hours.
      Mac: We've had 9 years.
      Harm: I guess maybe I just needed a deadline.
      Mac: Well, you got one, sailor.
      (they kiss)
      Mac: What are you proposing- and that's not a Freudian slip.
      Harm: I'm proposing. Let's get married.
      Mac: In London?
      Harm: Yeah, London works for me.
      Mac: San Diego works for me.
      Harm: This has always been the 500 pound gorilla in the room.
      Mac: If we get married, one of us has to give up their Navy careers.
      Harm: Well, we could wait until I retire.
      Mac: Yeah, what's another decade or so, huh?
      Harm: I love you, Mac. But I don't want to give up my Navy career and you don't want to give up the Marine Corps.
      Mac: So we're right back where we started.
      Harm: Do you believe in fate?
      Mac: Well, it put us together, sort of.
      Harm: Fate could keep us together forever.

  • NOTES (2)


    • The title of this episode "Fair Winds and Following Seas" is a traditional blessing of the U.S. Navy wished to sailors as they depart. While it is not technically a motto like the Marine Corp's "Semper Fi" at times it is used in similiar ways.