Season 10 Episode 22

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2005 on CBS

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  • Why final episode was this way

    To those wondering why there wasn't more of the leads in the final episode. This epidose had been written as a season finalie for the 10th season of JAG and was actually in the process of being filmed in early Aprilof 2005 when the word came down that CBS had cancelled the series. So as a result of thjis cancelation, Donald Bellaario had to completley rewrite the end of the pisode. IF CBS had given the production team more of a heads up that the show had been cancelled, there woulkd have been a completley differetn series finalie. So as a result we got more of the secondary characters than would have appeared had there been a true series finalie. He did the best with what he was given in the time frame to film, edit and have it ready for the network.
  • The end of an era

    It is currently 2012. I have just finished watching the entire series from beginning to end, over several weeks time, seven years after the series ended in 2005.

    I saw season one back in 1995, here on Taiwan. But later seasons never made it over here.

    While I have been harshly critical of the politics of some episodes of JAG, I have always been touched by the human relationships between the many colorful characters.

    I have come to know these characters, as if they were living, breathing human beings, as if they were my personal friends. I will miss them all, deeply. So sad that all good things must come to an end.

    I wish them all "fair winds and following seas."
  • the episode fair wids and following seas is my favorite of all the jag episodes ya it doesnt have the main stuff all the others have but its awlsome.


    also the show has so many key poin ts that people over look like harm and macs attire ya mac is wearing a lovley dress and it is cute but harm is wearing a naval dress uniform witch is the formal attire for navel service personnel everywere so he is not less dressy then mac . in my opinion he is more formal than mac and its not for others to say but as a personm who loves the navy as much as i do i think people who dont know what dress uniform represents then they are stupid.

  • I only caught the later part, so the 16-year-old "marine" got honorable discharge and became an honorary marine. Harm and Sarah got engaged.

    I really like this, but thought they could have at least put in Sarah saying "I love you" or something. Oh well... I wish they could have gone on a couple minutes longer to show us who gave up their job, or, I was thinking, have them both decline and stay where they were. I hate watching series finales because you always want more, but will never, ever get it. :( Otherwise, I thought it was fairly well written for JAG and the plot of the episode felt smooth-ish. The last scene bugged me a little because Sarah was in an evening-type gown and Harm was less dressy and everyone else completely casual; it didn't fit.
  • The end of a generation and the beginning of another, Saran and Harmmon go thru a rememberance of their life to see what is more important their life of their career, finally they did what everyone wanted to see for a long long time.

    This is a great episode beautifully put for a series that is one of my favorites, there is a generational change coming in this as most of the staff for the pass season is retired or promoted leaving JAG with new and fresh hands in some cases make a turn in the style things are handle in the office, the new characters does indeed fit between the staff.

    The main part is the what is going on with Sarah and Harmmon they have so much history and everyone who has followed this series from the beginning will be glad to see they start remembering all their time together and everything they has been through, to add more suspense they are assigned very far from each other but love overcome their career and end up the series in a very cool way. Too bad the Admiral didnt make an appearance.

    You will just love it.
  • LOL it was actually the first eppisode I saw - ever! But I really liked it, and I hope to watch the whole show someday! I loved that suspended ending, with the coin in the air! Really good!

    I always liked to watch the last episodes of everything :P it's kinda crazy, but I love endings - even more if they're happy!
    I like all kinds of shows - doctors, lawyers, scientists, pie makers.. :P But I never took interest in this particular one... Knowing the last eppisode was coming, I decided to watch it. And I loved it! I hope to, one day, be able to watch every season! I got the idea Harm and Mac had a growing relationship, and that they also grew with it. (I like to watch people grow with love :P) I think it must have some funny momments, and also some tense ones, which are my favourites!
  • A Navy pilot turned lawyer and his beautiful Marine partner.

    Ten years ago we were introduced to Harmon Rabb Junior, known by most as Harm, a cocky Navy pilot whose designator was changed to become a JAG lawyer. Then a year later, we were introduced to Sarah MacKenzie, known by most as Mac a beautiful Marine Major, the Navy lawyer's new partner; over the years we watched & rooted for the Navy lawyer and the Marine lawyer to get together. We saw the girlfriends and boyfriends for the two lawyers; but we knew in our hearts that one day they would be together for eternity! The cocky Navy pilot/lawyer was played perfectly by David James Elliot, who would just flash a 'flyboy' smile and women everywhere swooned! While his partner/best friend/soul mate a Marine lawyer was played just as perfectly by Catherine Bell, who not only caught the eye of every red blooded man but had a strong female based, because not only was she a strong Marine but she was a woman that women could idealize. In the final episode of the series we find that Mac has been given a billet to San Diego to be the commanding office at JAG Joint Legal Services: Southwest; while Harm is being promoted to Captain with a billet to London to by the Force JAG of Europe. After nine long years of wishing, hoping and waiting fans no longer have to wait! Harm confesses his love to Mac; problem is that they only have twelve hours before they are separated. It wouldn't be JAG if we didn't have a surprise ending! Harm and Mac gather with their closest friends/colleagues, to announce that they're getting married. But who's giving up their career to follow the other?! Surprise, they can't decide, so they decide to flip a coin! As the audience and the friends watch the coin flip around in the air....the show ends with the coin frozen in the air and it reads: "Judge Advocate General JAG 1995-2005" the background fades to black and underneath we see: Executive Producer Donald P. Bellisario. Thanks to the JAG cast and crew for ten amazing years! We are still waiting on a reunion that has Harm and Mac's wedding!
  • Harm and Mac FINALLY getting together!

    I thought that the final episode was done VERY well - except I was disappointed that we didn't get to find out who had to give up their career! HOWEVER, I am very glad that they finally got Harm and Mac together, and their first kiss was UNBELIEVABLY sexy! I'm hoping that the producers consider doing a made-for-TV movie to clarify what happened, plus I would LOVE to see Harm and Mac's wedding!!! Full military honors, and have Admiral Chegwidden, Gunny Galindez, and P/O Tiner come back especially for the occasion! But it was a wonderful ending to the show - very emotional for me, since I have and always will be a die-hard JAG fan!!
  • Great ending to a great show!

    I think that this episode ended the way it should have. Harm & Mac's relationship has been on the tables for at least 8 years. We saw the chemistry between the two characters from the start. We didnt need a wedding to end it, just the knowledge of an engagement was enough. Showing the friendship also between Harm & Mac and Budd & Harriett. Them already knowing about the engagement before everyone else, both asking Budd to join them on their different re-assignments.

    Vucavich (dont know the spelling) was also able to do a case on his own. Showing his capabilities as a lawyer but also as a person.
  • The last episode where Harm and Mac are given new asignments. Learning that they are going to be moving away from each other they finally sort their feelings for one other.

    The best episode of JAG ever, which is how the series is supposed to end. Though the last few minutes of it were the best overall it all was great. If Harm and Mac had not gotten together the whole ending would not have mattered. FInally this was a series finale that ended the perfectly.
  • the season finale to a great show!

    "Fair Winds and Following Seas" is the last ever episode of JAG, and a reasonable episode it is.

    I love the final scene because the way it finishs allows the viewers to wonder, what would happen had Harm/Mac retired? Where would they move?

    This is better because then our minds can wonder rather than a clear ending being stated. End of. One thing i do critisise is why not have the whole episode dedicated to Harm and Mac, they were after all the leading two charecters for 9 years. I dont see why the writers could have just left it as that, rather than adding in a new case about the underage marine. On the whole a great end to a superb show which is missed!
    Glad FX still has re-runs though! also glad that the seasons are being released on dvd!
  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love this episode!!! actually, to be perfectly honest, i love the last 7 minutes of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if i'm completely honest i'll tell you that the only reason i watched the show was because of harm and mac, i wanted to see them together so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and finally they were together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the only thing that is missing in this episode is admiral chegwidden! he was so funny and sarcastic, i really liked him, it's really too bad he didn't ome back for this. at least he was there in spirits at the end, but still, one of his little comments would have nice!
    i don't think it's the best finale for a show because apart from the ;ast 7 minutes it's not the best. when i watch this episode i only watch the end because this is what i want, what i was expecting for so long!
    anyway, bon vent et bonne mer à tous!
  • Finally they are getting married!

    Well who knew it, Mac and Harm are finally getting married.
    I was a bit dissapointed this didn't happen a few episodes earlier! (It was a bit rushed but I guess that was the push they needed)

    I loved reviewing all the past episodes where Harm and Mac almost .....

    It was good also to see Bud turn both Mac and Harm down. He was always in their shaddow and now he is taking a different direction and stepping out. They will always be friends but he doesn't need to be with them every step of the way.

    The coin tossing thing was OK and a good way to end I think.
  • This was another great episode, and I would have given it yet another ten, but I just think that Harm and Mac deserve a better ending! Stupid David James Elliot had to go and quit. Oh well.

    When Harm gets assigned to London, England and Mac, San Diego, they realise that they have to get their stuff together quickly. The episode passes quickly, with the usual Harm and mac stuff, but there's just one part around the middle that everyone has been hoping for but didn't really expect. Harm makes a comment, and OMG I can't remember it, but Mac says, "So what are you purposing? And that's not a Frediun slip." Harm replies, "I'm purposing. Let's get married." TRIVIA ALERT!!!!!!: Everyone thinks he said it as one sentence, "I'm purposing let's get married," but think about. That doesn't really make sense. I mean, go back rewind a billion years to second grade. That's not proper sentence structure. He's not making a proposition that they should get married, he's purposing to her. He just did it wrong. LOL. "I'm purposing. Let's get married." That's what it was. Remember that folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Later, Bud, Harriet, Mac, Harm and Sturgis met to celebrate. The series ends with a coin flip. Mac and Harm have to decide who quits, and it all ends in a coin flip. I guess it was kind of a good thing that Elliot quit, because Mac and Harm probably wouldn't have gotten married for, like, maybe 7 more years or something. So it's all okay!
  • The final episode of JAG that lleft me depressed with missing Harm & Sarah. Great final song from 5 for Fighting, and a potential left for further silver screen editions of JAG.

    As a former Naval Officer, I was brought almost to tears with having to say goodbye to Harm, Mac, Coates, Bud and the JAG characters this was even more difficult than seeing Admiral Chegwidden leave the show. I watched faithfully every single episode for 9 years, and I fell in love with the show. It was very hard to see it end. The final episode did leave one good thing, though. It left an opening that may result in there being a JAG movie in the future, with Harm and Mac married and living in...dare I hope, San Diego? I really miss the show, and I hope it either comes back or that the movie is made.
  • i thought this episode was brilliant

    this is one of the best jag episode. the very last one ever! i was so excited when mac and harm said they were getting married. i always knew it would happen in the last episode. all the people that they had been with over the years always thought the were in love and they admitted it to each other but never acted on it. i loved how the finished it with the coin toss and how we will never know who had to resign their commision. i saw this episode before i saw most of the rest so it sot of soiled it but when i saw it the first time i didn't understand the whole story but when i saw it again it made perfect sense and was still very exciting. i am sad that it has gone but i still have not seen all of the episodes so i still have a lot of it to watch. i still love it and thought this episode was brilliant and is one of the best ones i have seen. go jag. you rule
  • The best episode of them all

    This is by far my favorite JAG episode. When Mac first came to JAG I liked her and Harm, and wanted those two put together. I would watch every season and every episode hoping they would get together. Then the last episode they did. I was jumping up and down when Harm and Mac told everyone that they were going to get married. All the boyfriends and girlfriends those two had just showed them how much they cared for each other. This was the right way for the show to end in my book.
  • this is a wonderful episode.

    i love this episode. the way mac and harm inact in great. i wish this episode ended differntly though. but i love that mac and harm finally got to together. the show of emotions in this episode is great. also i love how ther are flashbacks of mac and harm moments that happened through out the series.i wish that they let the viewers now which one was giving up their career. i think this was a perfect way to end this serios. all the actors / actresses were great, they did a wonderful job in this episode. i enjoy this episode alot.
  • Some tears, promotion, but tying the knot.

    Looking back over their respective lives, Harm and Mac are finaly seeing what they mean to each other. It still is an open end however.
    It also leaves room for another series. But like everything else, even good things sometimes come to an end.
    Still i wonder what it would have been, heads or tails.
  • I miss it already.

    I hope the creators of JAG will sometime in the near future do a JAG Movie or even bring the Mac and Harm into NCIS for and episode or two. Friday nights just isnt the same with out JAG. This episode left things hanging with the outcome of the coin toss and it would be nice to have some closure.
  • Fair Winds and Following Seas


    While the final episode tried to tie up some loose ends (the operative word being "tried"), it was a sad way to conclude what was once a terrific show. You'd have to go back three years to re-capture JAG in its prime--with wonderful action sequences, plot lines that kept the viewer glued to the television, and the kind of writing and acting that made for incredible entertainment. The last episode was a series of Harm and Mac flashbacks from previous episodes, a thin story line of a Navy JAG lieutenant helping out a kid who lied about his age to get into the Marines, which could have been left out and last minute shuffling of the JAG staff.
  • Leaves the viewer wanting more!

    The series ended the way the general public wanted it to. Mac and Harm in agreement over marriage. The show should have at least been a two-parter. There were way too many unanswered questions. The flipping of the coin, for example.
    Theis leaves the viewers wondering if there will be a \"reunion\" show. Or, will Catherine Bell be asked to star in a new show with a similar theme with a special guest start that we all know.
    All in all, it satisfied the longing of a decision that a majority of the series fans wanted.
  • THe shows with Mac's wedding to Brumby were better than this one! We had a two part episode, and the viewers KNEW they would never marry.

    Since DB knew all along that he was not renewing DJE's contract, it would've been better if the Mac/Harm relationship was addressed near the beginning of the season. I was very disappointed that after 9 years, DB only gave the viewers 7 minutes of relationship resolution.

    As much as I loved JAG from day one, this last season was a major disappointment for me. DB disbanded a wonderful cast and brought in an OBVIOUS Harm replacement. Guess DB never realized that most of the population watched JAG for DJE or the Mac/Harm love story.

    I will miss the show and hope that DB or someone will provide the faithful viewers with the ending we all deserved with Bud, AJ, Mac, Harm, Sturgis, Gunny, and all the rest at the wedding, having a blast.

    JAG deserved a much beter ending than what it received.
  • Mac & Harm finally get together. He admits his love to her although she never says "I love you back to him" She accepts his proposal. Mattie is out of her coma and Harm wants to get guardianship of her again.

    Actually, the final was to say good bye to Harm. That is why so much of Vukovic. Harm (DJE) was leaving and they hoped to go on at least one more year taking off with Mac & Vuk. And then CBS gave the show the axe so DB basically rewrote the last couple of minutes. He wished that he would have had more time to develop the FINAL FINAL episode. But he did pretty well. Interesting the DB wrote in for Harm to say to Bud thanks for coming at the last minute when they were at the bar. It was a neat way to end at Mc Murphy’s bar. Would have been nice to have had AJ come back and give Mac away at a wedding. At least they mentioned AJ at the end. I had been a little sadden with how all their friendships where that they never even mentioned AJ the whole season, like even getting a call or email from time to time. Speculation is that with how DB wrote it was clues that Mac gave up her commission. Harm is in his dress whites and Mac in street clothes. She picked Tails and it end on the JAG (heads side). Glad they made things good with Mattie and Harm. Him saying that he wasn’t leaving without her and that her father wasn’t contesting Harm getting guardianship again. He looked so lost when she left. In fact in the episode \"One Big Boat\" when Harm gave Mattie his wings on the note he wrote \"Fairwinds and Following Seas\". Another interesting thing, when Harm came back after his leave (Grace aviation). Mac asked him how it was to be back. He said at times it feels like just yesterday and other times it feels like I have been gone \\\"100 Years\". JAG is the best and I will miss watching their lives go on. Thanks for reruns. Needs to come out on DVD!!!
  • JAG series finale where the JAG office is splitting up and Harm and Mac will soon be sent to new duty stations far apart. They reminisce about their past and finally have to decide what they will do about their relationship.

    This episode was great as a regular episode goes, but...as a Series Finale, it was disappointing in several ways. Harm and Mac's will-they-won't-they relationship over nine years had to be dealt with. Because of time constraints and a short one hour show, we got a somewhat satisfying version, but not the best. Yes, they kissed, yes they are getting married, but we never heard Mac say "I love you" to Harm. We never saw more than kissing, there was no ring, we have no idea who will quit their commission and join the other. (Although there was some speculation that since Mac chose tails, and Mac has a gift of 2nd sight at times, and since tails has a better chance of losing, that Mac was giving in to Harm and she will quit and move to London). We also had the merest glimpse of Mattie's future, thanks to DJE who had a line or two put in regarding Mattie. We never found out who Catherine Gale's baby's dad was or if Mac will overcome the 4% chance and become pregnant by the love of her life! Harm and Sturgis' friendship became very strained at the end and was not clarified well enough. What happened there? Coates was getting silly over Vukovic, what was that? He had promise as a developing character, but alas we had to watch him deal with the case of the young marine, which was nice, but took time away from Harm and Mac's desperate need to commit.We could have seen something more regarding his past and his future with Coates. Come on people!! We, the loyal 10 year fans, need more than these few bread crumbs! Other shorter-lived series had meaty 2-hour series finales. Jag deserved more. Fair Winds and Following Seas was a nice episode, but could have been so much more. Please will Mr. Belissario make a 2-hour TV Jag movie and give us all an ending we deserve!
  • While good, there were a few things the series could have done better.

    We waited ten years for Harm and Mac to finally get together and when they do, they put them together at the last ten minutes. While I loved the final scenes, I felt the second plotline with Vukovic was time wasting and unneccessary. I considered this episode to have been fine for a season finale, but a bit below par for the series finale.