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Everything I Ever Need To Know I Learned- On JAG!

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    [1]May 10, 2009
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    I'm always saying I should make a list to prove that I really do learn stuff from tv. You have no idea how JAG has helped me in stuff like history, philosophy, etc. The material, if you will, really is pertinent to daily life. Sure, high profile court martials, deranged killers, dangerous CIA missions, and kidnappings aren't part of most people's daily lives, but if you're a fan at all you get what I mean. So- help me build my case. If I ever really do write a book, I'll be sure to thank ya! I'll start. (I'm gonna number them for the hell of it. Plus, it makes it easier to distinguish the actual- whatever, let's call it an "Exhibit"- from anything else, like the above babbling.)

    Exhibit #1- Jimmy LaFave ("It's the convertible. I caught colds every winter when I had my 'vette. Now I 4-wheel through the snow, sippin' my morning coffee, listening to Jimmy LaFave." -Harm in Boomerang: Part 1) Downloaded a bunch of his music after watching "Boomerang Part 1" and love him. Though I don't know how Harm wakes up to him driving to work, he doesn't have a ton of peppy "wake upish" kinda songs.)

    Exhibit #2- club soda and lime (Mac drinks it a few times, the finale for example, and I tried it- good stuff)

    Exhibit #3- The Bermuda Triangle (mostly from "Vanished")

    P.S. The "exhibits" can be general, specific, factual, a practice/behavior, what to do or what not to do in a certain situation, a philosophy/way of thinking, life lessons, pretty much anything. I suppose they could even be silly, like, "When your girlfriend's father dies, it's ok to let her go to the funeral alone while you take care of your best friend/the woman you really love." Though, that kinda defeats the point/purpose of producing evidence, pun intended, that I originally had. But hey, whatever.

    P.S.S. You don't have to explain your "entry" if you don't want to or if it's self explanatory. I just like to talk/type. But the sourc, if specific enough, would be a good idea. Ya know, for reference, "official" documentation, people who aren't as crazy as me and don't know/remember, citing sources in my book!, etc.

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