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Fair Winds andFollowing Seas

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    [1]Apr 20, 2010
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    Today we got to see this final episode of Jag for the seond time. We remembred that Harm and Mac had decided to finally get married, but had forgotten how the show ended......with a toss of a JAG coin to determine which of them was going to resign to marry the other. Clearlythis show leaves the door open for a return to JAGmovie, which we hope Bellasario willproduce! Truly this was a great show tha deserves a reprise.

    I find it interesting that our three favorite shows of the past twenty years, Magnum, Jag, and NCIS are all Bellasario productionsfeaturing a handsome main character with Navy ties. If you watched these shows originally or in syndication, you will see several actors that Bellsario apparently liked make return performancesduring the show's run or from one show to the next.Commander Lindsey is the only character who spans all three shows insupportingroles,but several actors were used multiple times, often in different roles. We note that Mac from Magnum became Big-Bud Roberts on Jag. Larry Mannetti, (Rick on Magnum) had a guest role on Jag, that McGee on NCIS, played a sailor accused of murder, and laterthe Admiral's girl-friend's son on Jag, before becoming a regular on NCIS, and that Bellasaro's own son played Mike Roberts on Jag, then had a guest role on NCIS.

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    [2]May 17, 2010
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    I have all of 10 seasons of JAG on DVD. I also have purchased the first 6 seasons of NCIS. As I recall in season 8 of JAG, NCIS agent Gibbs was interrogating Commander Rabb about the murder of LT. Singer. Gibbs ordered DiNozzo to investigate the murder further as he was convinced that Rabb was innocent. As it turned out Lindsey was the murderer and Rabb was found not guilty. Rabb told DiNozzo to tell Gibbs that he owed him. Now in the last episodes for season 7 of NCIS, Gibbs looks like he will end up needing a lawyer. I would like to see them bring David James Elliott and Catherine back ( at least for an appearance) to help Gibbs out. This would make for a great reunion show and I am sure everyone would like to see CAPTAIN Harmon Rabb and his wife Sara (McKenzie) Rabb in some of the NCIS episodes. They were so great together on JAG and I would like to see them again. After all, Rabb did say he owed Gibbs for helping him out when he needed it. Ii am a fan of both of these shows. The Bellisarios are so talented and what great stories! Shane Brennan is great also and the actors are superb! I would also like to see Bud and Harriet Roberts on a show with them. Just a suggestion. I hope someone out there is reading these responses.

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    [3]Jan 9, 2011
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    bring jag back need to know the out come of the coin toss and one of the best shows on tv

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    sean murray is donald belsarios step son and quantum leap is also deals with the navy dean stockwell who plays al is an admiral and would join jag as the secnav

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    [5]Jul 6, 2011
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    As far as endings go JAG's was a HUGE disappointment. I have always said "We was robbed" (we being the fans). It was too forced. I did, however, like the coin toss idea as frustrating as it was.

    I'd like to see a 2 part movie starting with a dream sequence - Harm 'dreaming' some of the events from seasons 9 & 10> That way the movie could bring AJ back because the retirement was only a dream! (Yes, I am old enough to remember the tv series DALLAS and Bobby's dream....)

    I do like that idea of bringing Harm & Mac back to act as a lawyer for Gibbs but not as a Captain or married couple. That would have robbed the fans of seeing the wedding.

    ~ Peggy from Porcupine

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    [6]Sep 6, 2011
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    JAG has been off the air forever now (at least - it seems like forever - over 6 years).

    But the JAG universe is still alive in NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. I keep waiting for one of those shows to mention Harm at his current position in JAG. I realize they didn't show the result of the coin toss in the JAG finale - but I thought the costumes made it pretty clear. Harm showed up to the bar in his full-dress uniform, while Sarah showed up in a definitely non-military issue, sexy red dress. That seemed like fore-shadowing to me.

    Maybe when NCIS eventually has a final season - as part of that final season - as a nice "good-bye" to the long-time fans - maybe they can finally answer the mystery of how the coin toss ended for JAG with a few "where-are-they-now" scenes showing the JAG regulars? It should be a case where NCIS needs to interview everyone from the JAG office who worked there in the months before Chegwidden retired... Yeah - there's a story there. Something happened - involving Chegwidden - and everyone working at JAG's main office at that time needs to be interviewed for the NCIS investigation. This brings us into contact with all the JAG regulars - showing us where they are now - starting with the other characters, and finishing on Harm and Sarah (and only finally revealing the outcome when we reach Harm and Sarah).

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    [7]Oct 3, 2012
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    JAG being one of the few series i grew up with and watched from the beginning to the end (the other ones are TNG and SG1), i just rewatched the whole series.

    i still liked it, doesnt feel old, when you are not paying to much attention to the computer equipment and the already retired tomcats.

    still, i just feel the real ending of the series is season 9. its not that i dont like the general, but the last scene of the last episode of season 9, where admiral promotes bud, then looks through the room, sees everything is fine and leaves - i just thought its more comforting than the other one.

    but hell, its nearly 10years now,

    fair winds and following seas!

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