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How the show could or should go on.

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    Since the last episode was aired from this great show I wondered how the show could go on or how a movie would look like. I think a few off you may also have some idea's how the show may go on.

    To kick off, here's my idea.

    After the toss (Mac wins). Harm resigns his commission in the navy and starts working in the private section where is first trail will be defending the former navy JAG (admiral Chegwidden) for treason. Mac prosecuting and Harm defending.

    During the trail there will be some tension between Mac and Harm.

    After a few days into the trail they'll find out that there is someone trying to punish Chegwidden.

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    I think its criminal the way it ended leaving us viewers in the dark and not having the admiral be there. I'd be all for it continuing a long as they didn't replace the main charactors.I like your idea as long as they showed the wedding and maybe if mac was finally able to get pregnant.
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