Season 10 Episode 17

JAG: San Diego

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2005 on CBS

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  • Opposites attract?

    This episode seems to be about the polar opposites. It opens with many of the JAG team learning their annual symposium has been moved to San Diego due to foul weather in D.C. in an almost Love Boat special episode kind of feel. Then there is the juxtaposition of the feel good with the awful news that Maddie has suffered a horrific runway accident and is in a coma.

    The San Diego stuff was fair. For the first time we see Harm and Vukovic face each other in the court room. The case was fairly lame but I still feel like they were trying to set up some kind of future chemistry between the two like they did way back with Brumby.
  • Great episode, poor Mattie

    I like this episode cuz it shows the human side of RABB watching poor Mattie on the hospital like a vegetal that cannt breath without the machine, also love to see the base of San Diego very nice F-18 and all the girls :P, that court room on San diego was very cool design and modern