Season 6 Episode 22


Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 08, 2001 on CBS
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Admiral Chegwidden throws Mac and Mic an engagement party. Mac and Harm end up discussing the ups and downs of their relationship in private, with frequent flashbacks to previous episodes.

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  • the other jag vids

    I wish i knew where i can gind the other jag vids 6-12
  • This was a great episode, one of the very best!

    This episode starts out at Mac's engagment party, thrown by the Admiral at his house. As usual, Bud can't keep his stuff straight, and he receives several mishaps regardding his clothing, which just works out, because he finally got all dressed up for once. Throughout the night, Mic and Renee begin to feel rejected when it seems like Harm and Mac are leaving them during the night for each other. They step out on to the porcha dn begin to reminise about their last five years together. At one point during the night, they talk about when Mic first comes to the U.S.A., at the point where he says to Harm, Bud and Admiral Chegwidden, "Sure, you guys are Sarah's friends, but you're all just a little bit in love with her. Even you Admiral." At that point harm says, "You know Mac, Mic was right." "Right about what?", she asked. "About some people loving you. I will always love you," he says. "And you will always have someone who loves you,' she replies. And then, that moment we've all been waiting for for the last six years... Don don don don don... THEY KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back inside, the Admiral informs everyone that Harriet has been promoted to full Leiutenant. Hariet turns to Bud and syas, "Did you know about this?" Standing in the apron he's been forced to wear due to various mishaps, he responds, "That's why I got all dressed up!" Just at the end of the shot, almost at the credits, Harm and Mac share one of their 'freaky- Harm-and-Mac-sideways-glances', only it seems just a little bit more sincere than usual. And you might have noticed that their hands seem a little bit too close for comfort.moreless
  • Harm and Hac revisit their relationship

    At Mac's engagement, Harm and Mac take time to go over their relationship over the years. In addision, Bud has a series of mishaps. It seems as Mac and Harm have the best therapy session ever. Starting from their first meeting, when Mac gets angry at Harm, through the infamous converstion in Sydney It's all their. Every frustrating moment.

    Harms push-me, pull me behavior continues up until the end of the episode. Hars tells Mac "You have someone who loves you" , in theory talking about brumby and Mac says "And you have someone who loves you" in theory talking about Renee, but really talking each other. Then, to compound our frustration, they kiss. Great, finally kiss at Mac's engaement pary.

    Also, Buds clothing suffers amny aasaults, until he ends up wearing an apron. He got dressed up to help surprise Harriet on her promation.moreless
John M. Jackson

John M. Jackson

R. Adm. Albert Jethro "AJ" Chegwidden

Patrick Labyorteaux

Patrick Labyorteaux

Lt. Bud J. Roberts, Jr

David James Elliott

David James Elliott

Cmdr Harmon Rabb Jr

Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell

Lt Col Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie

Cheryl Pollak

Cheryl Pollak

Gloria Goldberg

Guest Star

Chuck Carrington

Chuck Carrington

PO1 Jason Tiner

Recurring Role

Randy Vasquez

Randy Vasquez

Gunnery Sgt. Victor Galindez

Recurring Role

Karri Turner

Karri Turner

Lt. Harriet Sims-Roberts

Recurring Role

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    • Harm: Mac, you have someone who'll always love you.
      Mac: And you have somebody that loves you. (they kiss)

    • Harm: Why did you go to him so quickly?
      Mac: You pushed me away. What was I supposed to do?
      Harm: Wait.
      Mac: For how long?
      Harm: As long as it takes.

    • Mac: What did you just say?
      Harm: Mic Brumby was right.
      Mac: About some people being in love with me?
      Harm: Yeah.
      Mac: What people?
      (Harm remains silent)

    • Mac: I want you to be happy for me.
      Harm: I am happy for you.
      Mac: Really? I'd hate to see you when you disapprove.
      Harm: I don't disapprove, Mac. I'm jut raising questions.
      Mac: When did you become my caretaker?
      Harm: You know, you save a person's life, that makes you responsible for them.

    • Harm: (about Mic) Do you love him?
      Mac: Do you love Renee?
      Harm: I'm not marrying Renee.
      Mac: We should-- we should go back in.
      Harm: Do you love him?
      Mac: It's not a question you get to ask.

    • Mac: I offered to talk it through.
      Harm: Some things are best left unsaid.
      Mac: It's your M.O.: running away.
      Harm: I wasn't running away. I didn't want to jeopardize our friendship. Did you?
      Mac: Back there in Sydney Harbor? I would have said, 'Yeah, let's risk it.'
      Harm: Then you wouldn't be having your engagement party right now, Mac.
      Mac: (looking at Harm) Maybe I would.

    • Mac: Why did you back away?
      Harm: Complications.

    • Mac: Did you know that Jordan believed you'd only be with her until I decided I wanted you?
      Harm: She told you that?
      Mac: Funny thing is I half believed it myself... until that night in Sydney Harbor.

    • Harm: I guess I never pictured myself celebrating your engagement.
      Mac: Did you expect me to stay single forever?
      Harm: I don't know what I expected. You've been a surprise to me from the moment we've met.

    • Lt. Singer (about office romance): I don't dip my pen in the company ink.

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