Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 1999 on CBS



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    • Ingles: You may have won a few courtroom skirmishes, commander, but tangle with me, and I'll hand you your gonads in a jar.

    • Harm: Admiral, about the complaint...
      Admiral Chegwidden: I'll just file it here...with all the others.

    • Lt. Singer: When I came to JAG, all people talked about was the legendary Harmon Rabb. Now you're back, I'd like to work with you. Actually, I'd like the chance to impress you, Sir.
      Harm: You're very straightforward, aren't you Lieutenant?

    • Mac: (To Mic) You know, I broke Harm of the notion that because I'm a woman, I'm driven by my feelings. I'll break you of it, too, before I'm done.

    • Harm: That time on the Seahawk, when I grabbed your parachute?
      Skates: Wasn't for you, I'd have gone through the screws. Wouldn't have been enough left for the sharks.
      Harm: I didn't drop you then, and I am not going to drop you now.

    • Mic: Mac, I don't think Skates is culpable.
      Mac: I know you don't Mic, but she said it herself, she blew it.

    • Mac: I remember a certain Lt. Commander Acting JAG telling me who once told me, 'Present the evidence; don't make it look like you're trying to shift the blame, don't mud wrestle with two stars.'
      Harm: And as I recall Colonel, you ignored my advice.
      Mac: And I lost the case.

    • Captain Ingles: (to Harm) You may have won a few courtroom skirmishes Commander, but tangle with me and I'll hand you your gonads in a jar. Now get the hell off my boat.

    • Harm: I hear you made Squadron XO. So how are they?
      Tuna: Oh, you know. A bunch of loudmouthed fighter jocks all trying to be the best. Do you miss us?
      Harm: You know I do.

    • Mac: And if you had to do it over?
      Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes: Hindsight's a wonderful luxury, Colonel.

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