Season 3 Episode 10

People v. Rabb

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 1997 on CBS

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  • Is Clayton a good guy or not???

    I guess it will take forever to know if Clayton Webb is on JAGs side or no! I think he is, he just tries to act tough! Anyway, this was a great episode! You can see how much love Harm has for his dad! I really enjoyed this episode and I think alot of others will too! Its very interesting and keeps you intreaged the whole time! I think anyone who is a JAG fan will find this episode up to there standards! If you dont then you have serious problems! lol! Anway, this is a awesome episode everyone will enjoy!
  • While illegally buying russina documents concerning his father, the seller gets shot by a third party and Harm has to prove his innocence to the FBI.

    I really really liked this episode for various reasons. For one, it reveals another piece in the mystery of the whereabouts of Harms dad, Harmon Sr. In this episode, we learn that the KGB indeed brought him to Russia after the Vietnam war and Harm receives a photo in the end, taken in 1980, that shows his father at a russian train station.
    Another reason why I love this episode is because Mac comes back to JAG. I'm so glad that the writers didn't decide to keep her away from JAG for more than an episode. The final scene with her and Harm in the Admiral's office was very funny, him chewing her out, because she wanted "to spread her wings" and chewing Harm out because he broke out of the brig.

    And as a H/M shipper I, of course, loved that Harm seeked Mac's help after breaking out of the brig, her believing him that he didn't murder the seller, and Harm giving Mac a massage.
  • Harm has to prove his innocence and at the same time deal with some new clues about is father!

    Harm is obsessed about his father and he will do anything to know more about what happened to him! Mac faces Harm by telling that he is obsessed, it is great! Mac and Harm spend the night trying to understand the russion documents, in the morning Harm gives a massage to Mac, that was beautiful! I love the scene where Bud shouts at Harm because he's his friend and wants to help him but harm doesn't want for his protection!! I also loved the scene where Bud gives a hug to mac!! Mac leaves the civilian life and returns to JAG!!! Well written and directed!! I this episode!!