Season 3 Episode 10

People v. Rabb

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 1997 on CBS



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    • Harm: (as Parlovsky burns the dossier) You said you'd help me!
      Col Parlovsky: Bury the dead, Commander. That's my help to you!

    • Agent Novak: (interrogating Harm about a murder) Come on, Commander! The vic's a killer, scum! Nobody's going to miss him. Hell, you'll probably get a medal for shooting him! Admit you did it, and we can all go home. (Harm laughs) I say something funny?!
      Harm: Yeah. The technique you're using? I used it on a suspect last week.

    • Mac: (to Admiral Chegwidden) JAG is where I belong.

    • Dalton: I spent a lot of time and trouble getting you this job.
      Mac: Not to mention getting me into bed.
      Dalton: Don't go there. This isn't about that.
      Mac: Oh, we're already there. We both know why you got me this job and it has nothing to do with my lawyering skills.
      Dalton: You're wrong.

    • Mac: Will you trust me with your defense or not?
      Harm: What if you're wrong?
      Mac: There's always the Court Martial, but I'm not wrong.

    • Mac: (answering the door and seeing Harm) You never call, you never write.
      Harm: If you let me in, you'll be harboring a fugitive.
      Mac: Did you do it?
      Harm: No. (she lets him in) How's your Russian?
      Mac: Не плохо. (Russian for "Not bad.")

    • Mac: If Harm says he didn't do it, he didn't do it.
      Caroline: How well do you know him?
      Mac: Well, we worked together. Sometimes on the same side, sometimes as adversaries.
      Caroline: Are you close?
      Mac: That depends on what you mean by close.

    • Admiral Chegwidden: Rabb, I already lost one good lawyer when Major Mackenzie resigned. I don't want to lose another.

    • Harm: Clay, the dossier has information about my father. I need it.
      Webb: I got you out, Rabb. Don't push your luck.

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    • Harm: Trust but verify.

      "Trust but verify" was a signature phrase of the American President Ronald Reagan. He used it in public, although he was not the first person known to use it. When Reagan used this phrase, he was usually discussing relations with the Soviet Union.