Season 9 Episode 10

Pulse Rate

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2003 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Mac is seen wearing her "real-life" wedding rings in one scene. However, since by the time it may have been seen on film, it would be too expensive to re-set & re-shoot the scene so it got left in the final episode.

  • Quotes

    • PO Coates: I'm planning the Admiral's wedding.
      Harm: That's a losing proposition.

    • PO Coates: (on the phone) Commander Rabb is out of the country, which is why you couldn't reach him at home.

    • Harriet: (about the USO show) These people are used to traveling on luxury tour buses. I can't tell them they have to potty in a bucket in the back of a C-130.

    • Lt. Jergenson: (to Harm, about his staff) I don't know why they'd lie, sir.
      Mac: A man is dead, that's reason enough for some people.

    • Mac: A woman scorned is a force of nature. You should know.
      Harm: Yeah, you can work side by side with someone and still not know what they're thinking.
      Mac: I could say the same thing about you.

    • Mac: (to PO Yates) While you were out here killing yourself, another man died.

    • Bud: (about little AJ) Do you believe that between teasing the new baby and running away from the babysitter, he's actually learning how to spell?
      Mikey Roberts: Maybe you should have him help me with my homework.
      Bud: Are you having trouble keeping up with your studies?
      Mikey Roberts: I was kidding.

    • Mikey Roberts (to Bud): Maybe I'd be more mature if you stopped calling me Mikey.

    • Harm: This is just like old times. You, me, sea duty . . . we should get out of Washington more often.
      Mac: Sounds to me like you got out of Washington plenty when you were off playing spy.

    • PO Coates: Getting married can be complicated.
      Admiral Chegwidden: Getting married is simple. Staying married is complicated.

    • PO Coates: I spoke with three different dressmakers, and they agreed that for your figure, this is the most flattering style.
      (Coates shows Meredith a picture)
      Meredith: It looks like a parade float!

  • Notes

    • Mac says Harm's client should quit smoking "cold turkey" and get over his addiction, Harm asks if that's how she did it twice. In "We, The People" Mac admitted to being a recovering alcoholic. In "The Stalker" she had a relapse.

    • The Director for this episode, LeVar Burton starred as Cmdr. Geordi LaForge on Star Trek: The Next Generation and has become a respected Director in his own right since then, directing many of the episodes on other Star Trek series. This episode marks his first assignment as Director on JAG.

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