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  • Great until about Season 7/8

    Hate Mac and Bud. This TV series was great in terms of presenting Naval Justice and the wider US military. But the episodes after seasons 7 and 8 did not meet my expectations.
  • A Coin Toss

    OK, I been waiting for ten years. What is the outcome of the coin toss. Just give closure with a two hour movie and we will let Mac and Harm finish growing old in our TV minds.
  • incredible show!

    I would have to say that JAG is one of the greatest show I've ever seen in my entire life! Everyone who watch this show will gain more knowledge on what really a military life is. I would also like to praise the whole actors/actresses and the rest of the staffs of/behind this show because every episode is very awesome! I really do miss watching this show and never catch the re-runs that's why I have to find a way to be able to see the whole episodes once again. I saw this TV series being sold at . I read first on some reviews of this seller before I placed my order coz you can't trust easily in terms of purchasing from an online store. Well, based on the positive feedbacks from this site, I decided to place an order. Shipping took a week, and when the package arrived, I was surprised because it's what exactly what I'm expecting to receive. Good quality and when I checked each discs, it's all playable. Now, I can watch this show again not just only once but whenever I wanted it to. JAG is a one great entertaining show, that no one will ever regret watching it.
  • Please put the reruns back on

    I wish they would put it back on tv, I miss it check for every week.
  • JAG come back!!!!

    why on earth did they not continue this series they could have easily carried on a fair bit more!!! they say that this show was about JAG and it follows the career of RABB so why doesnt it continue till RABB becomes a JAG!!! isnt that what was meant to happen, dont get why they cut it 10 seasons short and it was only getting better!!!! very confused! everyone for bringing back the series with all the same actors!!!!!!
  • Reunion

    Totally loved this show! Disappointed in the last episode, we as fans deserved the big military wedding for the stars of the show!!!!!!!!! HUGE FAN! Need more!
  • Need a Jag Reunion

    I am a huge fan of Jag for all 10 years. They had great chemistry. The coin toss in the end was awesome but begs for a reunion. It has been 7 years. Please hear my plea! Rated 10 for all time.
  • JAG???

    Decided to see what the show was all about on the CLOO FAREWELL MARATHON!

    I was disappointed! I spent time in the service and saw the UCMJ in action. This show does not point out how UNFAIR the UCMJ can be! I was never hurt by the UCMJ, but saw some soldiers "railroaded" into oblivion! I am not much for FICTION shows, especially shows that don't base themselves on some modicum of reality.

    By the responses on the internet, I can't believe how many people were overcome and treated the show with reality!

    Read somewhere that BELL is involved with scientology --- that wipes her out of my thoughts! I had a personal experience with scientology and saw how brainwashed a person can get!

    FANS, continue to enjoy. I'll flip the channel!
  • Excellent Show JAG.

    I have all ten seasons of Jag on DVD. I enyjoy watching them.

  • Why Only 10?

    JAG was and still is a super show. It was a shame it only got one season on a terrestrial channel in Britain and then it went to a subscription channel, ending up only on FX. People missed a great show cause of lousy TV networks.

    Watched them all on DVD and this show deserved better, as did its lead actor, David James Elliott. After 10 seasons, I recall reading an article in TV Guide about David being 'booted' out since he was too 'old' to continue. Well after ten years of practically carrying the show, that was unfair. (I now the rest of the cast was good too) but it felt like such a comment signalled the death knell since it never came back. Though the rest of the cast were. The season 10 DVD even had a farewell to David.

    Anyway this show had everything and just as NCIS continues in the same strong way and doesn't mete out such negativity towards cast members.

    Could have watched this show forever, within reason, oh forget reason!
  • A review

    I loved JAG, and I watch the reruns anytime I catch them on the tv. I am starting to buy the dvds because of 1) loved the show 2) always can watch it no matter how times I see it 3) brings back good childhood memories with my father, of which, few things we can do due to his ailing health. I adapted when my father's health turned poor, I would climb up on his bed and watch tv with him. I got into JAG, Mash, Hogan's Heros, CHiPs. My favorites are JAG and CHiPs.
  • Why this show was/is so popular!

    JAG was an ensemble cast in which each episode was connected to previous storylines and characters as well as current ones. It had a history and a remarkable one at that! The show that NBC chose not to renew after Season 1 was picked up by CBS & became the "Little Show that Could"--deliver the ratings that is. JAG had a huge following by military personnel & their families as well as the rest of us & was the only show to gain the cooperation of all four branches over the course of the next 9 Seasons.

    While all of us tuned in to see the main Harm/Mac will they or won't they storyline each week, we also were entertained by the rest of the cast as their stories played out on the screen season by season. We saw the Admiral go from a crusty old salt who liked to eat alone to a wise but fair and even funny at times guy who enjoyed a few romances along the way. Bud & Harriet met in Crossing the Line from Season 2 & what started with a simple kiss became a romance, a relationship and a marriage that weathered the death of a child, seperation due to overseas duty, and Bud losing his leg while in Afghanistan. He then went on to triumph & return to JAG & even be promoted to Lt Cmdr which was thought to be impossible because of the limitations of his injury. What a storyline that was for most of Season 8 & on into #9! Unfortunately due to the last minute cancellation of the series while filming the last episode of Season 10, poor Don Bellisario, the Creator/Head Writer, was placed in the impossible position of trying to please longtime fans with a resolution to the Harm & Mac storyline with only 10 minutes to rewrite his original ending for the episode. While it was intriguing, it was really not a resolution at all & left more questions than it answered.

    If CBS could do a reunion movie for a beloved show like The Waltons, they can surely give us loyal fans a JAG reunion show--they'd have a built in fan base for a show that hasn't even been on the air for 7 yrs--during it's last season JAG had a following of over 9 million viewers. For the many fans who were in the military or still are and have families who watched also, what better gift can CBS give than a show which was always dedicated to representing them in a sincere & positive light! If you haven't already done so, please go to JAGmoviepetition.com & vote & please tell all your friends to do so also--the power of Facebook is unbelievable! Thanks!
  • engaging to see...

    and see... and see...
  • Loved JAG!!

    I just have to say: loved it! I've watched every episode of every season and I have to say, great! Great stories and real! The final episode: finally Harm & Mac together!! It had to take them 9 years haha! I'm just curious how it ended, who gave their career up to be with the person they loved. Did Harm had to say goodbye to his career of was it Mac? I wish they could have shown us that!! Tip for the writers/creators of JAG: bring the show back or ... make a movie with the original actors of course! I know I'll be watching!! :-)
  • Great Run

    Amazing 200 + episodes!!
  • Please bring JAG back!!!!

    My family and I just loved JAG when it was on and now we have watched the entire 10 seasons! There is nothing (other than NCIS) on television that is as good! Please consider bringing back the show. An update movie would at least be a winner. David James Elliott and Catherine Bell are such super actors in their roles on JAG. Nothing else that they have done in their respective careers is as good! Please bring back this quality television show! There are too many people in the US that love this show and these characters for it to not be a hit!! BRING BACK JAG!!
  • Please please someone get it together and bring JAG back!

    It was a terrific show when it started, and it was an even better series when it ended. However, many would agree it ended way to prematurely. Someone at headquarters, make the wise, make the obvious choice and bring JAG back. I am tired of having to turn the tv off, and am even thinking of getting rid of the satellite, so much junk! JAG was well written, safe for the family. Was real world. Stories and characters you could relate to. So bring back JAG! I won't miss half of the shows that are on. Have I made my point?
  • Great run

    Over the past 7 months I have watched the entire JAG series via Netflix and the public library. After 227 episodes / 170 hours invested I have to say I enjoyed almost all of it. The show had its phases for sure but the characters were so well written it just kept me coming back. Strange for a show to have a first season on one network with a certain direction and then to shift completely from season 2 on. Season one's pairing of Harm and Meg worked for me quite well. She seemed a little meek at times and they often felt more like NCIS agents than lawyers. It must not have worked for the masses because it a brilliant move, they cast Catherine Bell as a guest star. Though the episode "Skeleton Crew" never aired, Bellisario thought enough of her to recast her at Mac and when the show moved to CBS, it flourished.

    Many great episodes and some not later, season 10 denigrated into one big Middle East bashing festival. They tried to establish some new characters and love interests but the show was clearly fading as cast members were not appearing in 3-4 episodes in a row. The finale gave me some mixed feelings. I was ready for it to end but not ready to let go. Plus I want to know who won the challenge coin flip.
  • Deserved its run for the most part.

    In true Bellisario form, JAG was built for the long haul and until the last couple of seasons it didn't disappoint.
    David James Elliott was a perfect choice for "Rabb" and while his inability get the right girl was often frustrating, it did provide for some entertaining times. I also loved his many and varied interactions with John Jackson's character of "Adm. Cheggwidden". The Admiral was a priceless addition to the story and in fact, became my favourite character. I was devastated when he left the show.

    "Cheggwidden and Gibbs"...now that's my dream episode of NCIS, but I digress...

    I'm afraid, and I know lots will disagree, that JAG did however, manage to Jump the Shark when "Bud" miraculously came back to life more than 5 minutes AFTER a code had been called off, just because his little boy was thinking of him. Sorry Mr. Bellisario, but not even on TV does it work that way. It was really disappointing to see that, for a show dedicated to as-close-as-possible military accuracy, that a bit more money wasn't spent on a medical advisor for that episode, because even artistic license doesn't cover THAT fatal gaffe. I got up off the couch, turned off the TV and never went back to the series; not even for the final episode.

    HOWEVER, I did watch the final episode a while later in a rerun, and I must say, did like the way the ending was handled. Really, only the Admiral was missing from an otherwise very well done "goodbye".
  • Australia has been stuffed around with viewing times of JAG, so I've only seen up to season nine so far, but it is still one of my all time favourite shows!

    As far as American TV shows go, JAG is my favourite by far. Since it began way back in 1995, I have been watching it, despite being quite young back then, and it's lack of air time in Australia.

    JAG told (and still tells in some countries) the story of miltary men and women (namely Harmon "Harm" Rabb Jr. and Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie) who fought within their own laws as lawyers to bring justice to many people who serve in the navy, the marines, the army as well as others.

    The "sexual tension" between Harm and Mac was always one that so many viewers (including myself) loved (and still love) to watch. Knowing that one day, they would eventually get together because we all knew that they were a match made in heaven! Even if it wasn't always obvious for the two actually involved. I guess it wasn't their fault.... but they probably would've got together a long time ago if I was one of the shows writers... ;-)
  • I have watched all seasons serveral times would like to see a reunion show or movie

    I have watched all seasons serveral times would like to see a reunion show or movie. We have enjoyed all seasons, this is one of my favorites. My husband is retired military and we enjoyed watching this show. We have recorded and watched all the seasons. I just need more. The show ended and left me hanging. Going on with the show with a reunion and or a movie I think would be great. Other shows have done reunion shows or movies , like the Brady Bunch and I really enjoyed those. What do you think the chances are of getting a reunion or movie to give some of us closure?
  • A good show about lawyers.

    Most people don't care much for lawyers; even Shakespeare wrote: "...Kill all the lawyers". However, watching this, one tends to forget their preconceived notions and take it as it is: a great crime/ courtroom/ military drama like no other. With memorable characters and intriguing plots, ten years was far to few for such a noble show. Harmon Rabb, father thought to be killed in Vietnam, follows in his footsteps and joins the navy, rising to the rank of Captain. Sarah MacKenzie, the part Cherokee, part Middle-Eastern, part European marine who loves Rabb, though neither of them will admit it. The admiral, a good-hearted ex-seal. And finally, Bud, the character to give this show most of it's humour and endearment.
  • JAG is one of the best shows on TV to honor the people serving in our military. I hope the producer will produce the show again to show our appreciation for the work that they are doing.

    JAG is a clean and very decent show. It gives the viewers the idea that the people who are serving in our military services are working very hard to preserve our freedom. The producer of the show was able to touch all the different branches of the military services. He was able to capture the daily life of the people who are making us free. Their life is always in danger but they still go to the places where they are needed. There is no if's or but's instead they move to go where their assignment takes them. On the shows where the Commander and the Cornel were sent in different places to perform an investigation, they did not ask how dangerous the mission is going to be. I hope the producer of the show will produce again this one.
  • it was great

    it was great at the time but now that NCIS has taken off in its place i think that it was a nice change. The characters weren't as interesting and neither were the stories, but that is compared to NCIS. to some of the other shows it is very different and i think that it is a great show to watch if you are into Navy drama in a court room. But if you are into more of the action type with Navy officers the i suggest to watch NCIS as they are made by the same man, but they are still very different.
  • Since i spend 20 year in the service myself,

    Since i spend 20 year in the service myself, I've found JAG, to be very close to the truth about the military, when it comes to the law part. There is no favor between the enlisted and officers. All the episodes, were great. I enjoy each week and at this time i am watchint the Rerun on USA. I Love the MAC and Harm first meant, they were to made for each other, as the story continue. The only thing i did not like is how it ended. We need to see a month, on how MAC and Harm and did they get marriage. And what happen ot the rest of the cast and how they turn like.
  • this show is so cool

    wow wow wow this show is so good i bet everyone who watches this show loves it. but i dont watch it all the time so i kinda miss a few epesodes every now and then its sutch a good show so for those of you who like that army stuff you will love this. when im an adult i want to be an MP so this show is realy cool to me but i know alot of people who dont like the she show like my friend bryce he hates it but thats his problem so give it a try you will like/love it.
  • One of the best shows that has ever been put on the television. Please bring it back and take Chedweggen out of retirement and Let Mac Nad Harm continue their relationship. Please Please bring JAG back. Thanks Joan Keim

    JAG is definitely the best family show that has ever been on tv. I have watched all of the episodes and some of them rerun. Please, Please bring it back and let Harm and Mac continue ther relationship a while before they get married. I would also like to see Chedweggen come out of retirement because of an emergency and continue on the show. The other characters also should come back and some of them with bigger parts. Especially Bud and Harriet. I cannot understand why this was terminated. I also watch NCIS and it is also a very good show. Don't take it off. Thanks Joan Keim
  • JAG (military-speak for Judge Advocate General) is an adventure drama about this elite legal wing of officers trained as lawyers who investigate, prosecute and defend those accused of crimes in the military, including murder, treason and terrorism.

    This show is absolutely amazing. I love everything about it. What really brings the show out, are Mac and Harm's chemistry, and it brings out they're job to the fullest. It's a great action packed entertaining show, and i love watching it. I love all the cases they get, and how they get to fly to different parts of the world to gather information. I love Harm and Mac's characters. Each one unique. I love how it's a cat and mouse game with them. Are they, or aren't they going to hook up? It makes you wonder, and thrive for more.
  • Good solid show with good and interesting plot lines and good characters.

    I hadn't realized how much this show had made an imprint on me, until I heard a song that was similar to their theme song the other day and I immediately recognized it, after years of not watching it! JAG is a very solid good show that went on for 10 seasons and has good acting and interesting plot lines. A change from the normal CSI shows that are on all the time. Also, it started the TV show NCIS, so if you like NCIS, you'll probably like JAG. I'm very happy that USA is now playing JAG episodes in the morning, and I have started watching them again and am very entertained!
  • It's a great show

    It's a great show with a great character and cast.JAG is one of the most interesting and popular television shows to have appeared on television. it mabe gone but not forgotten All in all it's a good show, very entertaining and takes you by surprise . I allways liked the show, from day one. Jag was one of the best shows on televison. Sadly it was taken off the air, I wish they'd bring it back. this show was a classic that anybody could watch.The show had a lot of morallity value to it. over all it got a 9.5 out of 10
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