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  • Unique series!

    JAG (Justice Advocate General) is one of the most interesting and popular television shows to have appeared on television. While the series has ended, it does not appear to have limited the discussion nor influence this television show has had on viewers in the past. The tough characters, with complex layers and pasts reveal much about each other and ourselves as they begin a journey to discover themselves while working in a close environment. The relationships of the characters, that are embedded seemlessly, are insignificant by themselves, yet when viewing the show, each action cannot be seen as just something small. The characters are lifelike and their relationships only add more emotion and relatability to the viwers making this show a great experience for all. It is sorely missed!
  • The forerunner to NCIS that I've only just caught up with. Military lawyers doesn't sound like a great idea for a show, but it goes to show how wrong you can be.

    I put this as 'ahead of its time' because I'm starting watching the DVDs from season 1, and even though it was 1995, some of it still looks a little old-fashioned. I love NCIS: the writing is tight, funny and the characters joust with each other so well. The writing for JAG isn't quite as good and it's much more of a macho-fest, but it is interesting. You wouldn't think there was so much you can do with lawyers in the military, nor that so much of it would not take place in a courtroom.

    The lead actor, David James Elliott , who I must admit I'd never heard of before, is one of those impossibly beautiful men, who only seem to exist in this kind of show. He does have the weirdest ears though! And I'm sure the women out there love him in his dress whites. The women are good too and there's just the right amount of sexual tension in there to keep it interesting, though why Andrea Parker didn't get to keep her role from the pilot and only came in as a recurring role I don't understand.

    The theme music is such a throwback - one of those rousing 'the heroes are on their way' kind of tunes that you don't hear much of any more.

    All in all it's a good show, very entertaining and takes you by surprise a lot for what sounds like it's going to be a boring courtroom battle. It's also shot a lot on loction, which was pretty innovative and probably expensive at the time.

    It's also informative: between this show and NCIS, I probably know more marine and navy jargon than I ever thought I would!
  • My company for years!

    JAG has been my company of wednesday's nights for over five years here in Portugal! Season eight finale was aired two weeks ago, and I'm so sad because I have to wait for the whole Summer or more until I can watch season nine.
    It was my inspiration for a long time...I allways had a thing for military shows, probaly because of my father. Joining to that, the show has two other things I love..law/investigation and jets (lol :D). And I even think the show helped me creating stronger moral values!
    I allways liked the show, from day one, but I started watching it regularly on season two, when Catherine Bell entered the show, and the Harm/Mac storyline started. My favourite season was season 6, probably. I loved the "adrift" episode.

    Well, I think it's all.

    Bye ;)
  • Jag was one of the best shows on televison. Sadly it was taken off the air, I wish they'd bring it back.

    A clean good night of entertainment. I enjoyed watching Jag and keeping up with what was going on with the familys and individuals on the show. I really wish they'd bring it back. I watch the reruns every morning from 7-to-9am. The show had a lot of morallity value to it, caring, sharing and knowledge about many things we were probably not aware of. I still see James Elliott and Catherine Bell around, but nothing of the rest of the cast. I hope they're all doing well.
  • Above Board!

    I love the show. Its fun, entertaining, also educational. All the Navy and Marine jargon and rules and regualtions as well as the lawyering side of the show as well. Of course it has its romances, dramas, tragedies. But thats what life is.

    It seems that the show portrays what really happens in the US Forces (Navy, Marine, Air) but with a little twist for entertainment value.

    Couldnt have asked for better actors that are chemistryly suited to one another in Harm & Mac. Both are different in many ways but similar in a few. Long live Jag! Sad its no longer here!
  • I was just a kid when I watch my first episode of JAG...and God im I glad I did...

    I grew up watching it sometimes I didnt I know...but it was always there and always with new twist and turns always kepping us guessing I have only one regret when the final episode aired I didnt watch not because I didnt want to but my cable wasd cut..I havent seen it yet waiting on the dvd. ok thats it....THX JAG....
  • A wonderful show about the military and what goes on in a military court room. Commander Harmon Rabb and Colonel Sarah "Mac" Mackenzie light up the court room in this wonderful drama.

    This was the best show ever! It was well written and never a dull moment. They chose wonderful actors and actresses to play the characters. There was always an original plot to each episode, they never had an episode that had a similar plot to another. I wish that this series had gone on another season, or at least had a follow up movie. I wish the other seasons would come out on DVD faster. I have tried to watch the series on USA, but they only go so far until they go back to the beginning, so one only sees part of season 9 and I don't believe that they have yet to show season 10.
  • J.A.G. Judge Advocate General's office. The story revolves around 2 naval officers work and personal relationship.

    Totally addicted to the show. I love the chemistry between Catherine Bell's "Mac" & David James Elliott's "Harm" was what made the show so enjoyably watchable. I Would love for there to be a continuation of the series but the way they left it was quite fitting...although in the near future I would like to what happens. ;)
  • Harmon Rabb Jr. and Sara "Mac" McKenzie are lawyers workng for the military's JAG Corps. Not only do the prosecute and defend members of the military they do their best to learn the truth, all the while dealing with issues in their personal life.

    When JAG first aired on NBC, I was unsure about whether it would become one of my favorite shows. Then it switched to CBS and Catherine Bell was brought in as Major Sarah "Mac" McKenzie and Harm's newest partner. I managed to catch the first episode, "We The People" and was instantly hooked. The writing was witty, the characters were personable, and the show itself was addicting. Once I became hooked, on the show I was always at home in time to see new episodes. Even after the introducing Mic Brumby, Dalton Lowne, Renee' Peterson, and Jordan again, I was very happy that they kept up with the sexual tension between Harm and Mac.

    I was even happier when they resolved that tension in the series finale instead of letting it hang out there for the viewers to decide whether or not they got together down the road.

    It was an excelent show and I really wish they would make a TV movie about it.
  • I really loved that series.

    When JAG first came on the air, I didn't watch it at all. My politics are a little left of center and I was not impressed by the first Bush administration sending our people to secure the Kuwaiti oil fields. I felt American lives were worth more than that. When a show came on a couple of years later that was advertised by seemingly endless shots of people in uniform saluting planes that were taking off, I just wasn't in the mood for what I took to be a John Wayne vision of the military as a bunch of patriotic action figures with no real depth as human beings.

    A couple of years later I was visiting my parents and they had begun watching JAG, scheduling their Tuesday evening plans around it. This was not surprising for my Dad, an ex-marine and a solid Republican. It was surprising for my Mom, a Democrat with the same opinion of military adventures that I had. The first episode I watched was the last episode of the third season, "To Russia With Love". It seemed reasonably entertaining and certainly wasn't' "jingoistic". The characters were multi-dimensional, (I certainly noticed that Catherine Bell was!). Since it was a cliff-hanger I naturally had to watch the first show in the fall and slowly became hooked, making the show part of my own regular viewing schedule.

    I found it a solid, if flawed, drama focusing primarily on the effort, through law, to keep the military on it's moral compass. I'd always liked "The Caine Mutiny" and also liked "A Few Good Men", which seems to have inspired the series. The concept of judging a severely hierarchical organization using a set of standards that ultimately supersedes the hierarchy while continuing to respect it is dramatically interesting and the show drove home the point that military power itself is not enough: it has to have a moral reason for its existence and use.

    When I used to watch "Star Trek", I presumed that a civilization that could travel across the distances of space would probably be militarily superior to anyone they encountered and that their dilemmas would tend to be moral, (how to use their power wisely), more often than physical, (how to get more power to defeat a threat), and I preferred the "moral dilemma" episodes, even though they were in the minority. In JAG, those episodes seemed to be the norm and the "action" episodes the exception.

    There were two things I didn't like about the show. One was it's non-linear format, jumping from the main story to a romantic or comical sub-plot or into a continuing background story. I prefer shows that stick to their subject. JAG seemed to be a half-hour drama padded into an hour format by all the "other stuff". I came to resent the "action" shows. They seemed to be a rather silly divergence from what the show was really about, certainly from what a JAG lawyer's job was all about. I remembered watching "Homicide", which was supposed to be an examination of the day-to-day lives of Baltimore homicide detectives but which occasionally was interrupted with episodes the network insisted they make about serial killers, drug kingpins and arsonists so they could advertise it with titles like "City on Fire", etc. It seemed to me that the "action" episodes of JAG, with their "Hunt for Red October" plots, CIA undercover work, continuing stories about Harm's father and brother and mysterious, recurring villains served the same purpose for the network and served little purpose on the show itself.

    The show went off the air after a decade and I was recently walking through a record store and saw the DVD of the first season of JAG for sale. I bought it on a whim, just to see what the show was like at its beginning. It was a revelation. The shows take place almost entirely in the field and are about JAG investigations. Those investigations inevitably lead to action-packed sequences but at least they grow logically out of a JAG investigation. The show has a completely linear format and thus has a much faster pace but still has more time to tell it's story because it's not cross-cut with sub-plots or ongoing stories. I like Catherine Bell but I like Tracey Needham even a little better. She seems very soft and sexy, (especially with that watery voice), and yet can be tough when the occasion demands. "Tough" is a personality trait but not a type of person and those who have to be hard-boiled to be tough really aren't very good at it. Meg Austin demonstrates that very well.

    The production values are amazing, especially since the show at that time had no Navy co-operation. Clips and even sets from several movies, (Top Gun, The Hunt for Red October, Crimson Tide and isn't the ambush in "War Cries" from "A Clear and Present Danger"?) are skillfully integrated with stock footage and scenes shot on an old carrier and in a studio give each episode the look of a movie.

    It's one of the most entertaining shows I've ever seen. Even if there are only two episodes with courtroom scenes, the "moral dilemmas" are still there: the show is all about right and wrong. Even though I liked the later JAG, I'd have to say the original concept of the show was much superior. Apparently the public, (the show was ranked 77th in the ratings that year) and the networks didn't agree. The show got canceled, picked up by CBS and changed considerably and wound up in the top ten, lasting a decade, something very few shows have ever done.
  • last ever eppisode

    Gen. Cresswell informs Harm and Mac that they are being reassigned. Harm to London and Mac to San Diego. They both have the option to take someone from the office with them. They both ask Bud, but Harriet is worried about moving.

    With their deadline quickly approaching. Harm and Mac must sort out their lives and resolve their feelings for each other.
    Harm and Mac both reminisced about times past. And it all ends with a coin toss.

    Vukovic is trying to solve his own case. and gets put in jag jail for ten yars while his daughter is killed wooop
  • JAG = Equals the best 10 seasons for wholesome drama ever found on TV. A Must See.

    Funny. Dramatic. Makes me feel like I'm at home with my family. I had started watching this at the season finale when Harm's plane went down in the Atlantic, and watched it till the series finale. However, my favorites are the older episodes. In the beginning it was hilarious and I couldnt stop laughing at it while loving to hate the bad guy characters. I was moved by the kind of people that were brought together in the show. I might be part of a younger generation that didn't consider watching this show. But I did enjoy it and I recommend it to anyone looking for a wholesome show. Best Drama Ever.
  • love it love it love it!!!

    i only caught on to the show 6 months prior to it being finished, shame but i promised myself to collect all the dvd's and i will!

    I watch JAG everyday, and love each and every storyline, whether it be the plot or the relationship between charecters. Another thing i love is how many well known guest stars / recurring roles, whether it be Clayton Webb (Steven Culp) or Adm. Boone, appear on the show.

    Its such a shame the show has finished, but you cant argue with the end result!, A brilliant show suited to everyone, and two best leading charecters for the show, David James Elliot and Catherine Bell.
  • why take it of the air...

    i can understand the producers wishes to take the show off before the actors get to old to play the roles. but i disagree on how it ended, they new there wasnt going to be another season so WHY end it like that, they should have done another episode where it is a year later and it shows all the characters and what they are up to. apart from how it ended JAG is so great, it is funny with love angles, and it is good for all ages. the show just better as it went on.. COME BACK JAG
  • One of the best made shows ever to grace our TV screens.

    JAG was a once in a lifetime television show and one that i made sure i watched every week. I was first introduced to Harm and Mac in season 5 around the time they came Down Under to film episodes in Australia (my home!). From then on i was hooked and haven't missed an episode from that moment on.

    The even blend of military action, justice, romance and the odd humourous moment made for an amazgin show which Donald P Belisario should be proud. Its a little disappointing that it didn't get as much credit as it deserves as the show and the actors deserved a lot more.

    Thank-you to JAG for a wonderful 10 years... you are missed!
  • JAG is an action-packed military legal drama that will keep you coming back for more!

    It's a great show, showing us the inner workings of the Navy's JAG Corps, even if it wasn't always accurate. It was filled with many plot twists, as well as drama, action and humor. It even had talented cast. Even though the show was pure fantasy, there were human elements that made the show enlightening, such as when Bud lost his leg in one episode; Harm's search for his MIA father or the even underlying sexual tension between Harm and Mac were some of the reasons I kept tuning in every week. Kudos to Don Bellisario for a great show.
  • This is the best show I have seen in years and I wish to continue seeing it. I have been captivated by it and it has pulled me in like a tracktor beam would. I grew up on this show. I have watched this show since the day my Mom brought me home...Kinda.

    This is the show i recommend this show for everyone that loves the military and is very much into action/adventures. I have watched this show for as long as I can remember. I hope that you enjoy it as much I have in the many years of watching. I as an individual have not learned everything about this show but my mom and i have dragged my father into this show. This is the greatest show ever and if you don't like it I will be forced to be very, very mad at you and your family for the rest of my life.
  • This is one of the few shows I make an effort to watch every week.

    I like the interplay and chemistry between the characters, whether it is the leading two or the rest.The lesser known characters and guests stars play their roles well. Whether it's Bud, Chedweggen, Singer or Gunny I like the roles and the characters. In fact the less popular characters are as necessary to the show as the two leads. Who didn't feel sad for the pain of his character and his family when Bud lost his leg in Afghanistan?. The military aspect and background makes it much better and different with political,military and possible combat situation. I was a fan of the show before Catherine Bell arrived and have remained so. The chemistry between Mac and Harm is great. The show is a sterling example of our best and brightest doing their jobs day in and day out where the rules are different and its in a realm many Americans do not understand or know about. This has to rank as one of the best tv series about the military.
  • Fun to watch, although hardly true to life.

    The show is overall a lot of fun. There are characters I love (like Bud and Harriet), and characters I love to hate, (like Singer). JAG showcases the best and worst of the human spirit, despite the fact that JAG\'s rarely lead lives anywhere near as exciting as Harm and Mac. Most JAGs are paper shufflers, although that does not make for a good, exciting storyline! In some cases, the relationship between Mac and Harm is overplayed, and it\'s so obvious that they should just get together (leaving me screaming at the writers of certain episodes when the seemingly promised romance didn\'t fly). The relationship ended up being more the focus of the show, and in it\'s later seasons was the only reason to watch the show. And who ever ends the show with a cliffhanger like a coin toss? Talk about cruel and unusual punishment!
  • Never judge this show based on the name. You might be proven wrong about it. I know I was.

    When "JAG" first came on I really didn't think it was going to be a great show so I never watched it. *slap self in face* Boy was I wrong. The 2nd season was the first season that I saw, and I just fell in love with it. I loved to watch Harm, Mac, and the rest of the gang. I all ways could wait for the day that "JAG" was going to be on. I just wanted to see what was going to happen. This show all ways had my on the edge of my sit. My favorite episodes are the ones with Harm and Mac together a lot. The first time I saw those two I wanted them together.
    This was and is a great show to watch. I wish they would bring it back, but I know that isn't going to happen. So, I have to be happy with the season sets that are finally coming out.
  • I was truly addicted to this show

    This really is one of the very best series that i have ever followed!
    I loved it! Everything was great! The actors, the characters, the stories... there was drama, humor, action and romance, it was great!

    I have watched season 1 to 6 5 times!! I didn't miss a single episode, not even the re-runs!
    I could quote whole scripts, i collected photos and video + audio files, made posters and wallpapers... i even wrote my own episodes for the show!

    I was truly addicted!

    A.J, Bud, Harm and Mac were my absolute favorites... ooooh and Webb :D

    The sexual tension between Harm and Mac often drove me crazy!! Especially if they'd have another lover again... That's why i didn't like Mic... which was totally unreasonable! Mic really was a great guy, very cool, helpful, funny... the only reason i had... not to like him, was because he was coming between Harm and Mac!
  • When I started to watch this show I fell instantly in love. The action, adventure, court-room drama, and the hidden love between Mac and Harm was, and still is, stunning.

    I started watching JAG about a year ago, first on DVD then reruns on FX. I fell in love with the show immediately. Cdr. Harmon Rabb Jr. and his partner Lt. Col. Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie investigate, defend, and prosecute the "laws of the sea". Rabb, formally a 'Tomcat' pilot, suffered a crash that killed his RIO and ended his flying career. He transfered to the Navy's JAG corps, where he is just as bold, in and out of the courtroom.

    The episodes are well written, humorous, and sometimes controversial. The characters are very well developed, and they grow with each episode.
  • A thoroughly entertaining show, even through all of the years.

    Even though I have not seen every episode, I've seen about 85% of them, and of them the only one that I did not like was the one with the Northern Ireland plotlines. I've never been a big fan of many television series that have episodes based in Ireland, for example the Agency. It's nothing against the Irish, I'm half-Irish myself, it's just all episodes tend to get bogged down dealing with the IRA, and I find that really unappealing.

    This show was highly entertaining through all of its years, especially seeing the relationship between Harm and Mac. The ending was also one of the happiest I've ever seen in a show, even though it was a veritable cliffhanger. Endings to shows like Buffy I felt were rushed, but I felt that the ending to JAG was well-timed and well-thought-out. A solid show that nearly always pleased. Even the green writing at the bottom of the screen was bearable.
  • Great Show!

    This was a Great Show! Loved the fact that they showed the legal aspect of the military. It was also very realistic. Never a dull moment. They story lines were great. They kept up with the times and some of the story lines came from news and other real cases. It was accurate with military law and military ways. The actors did an excellent job with their roles as military JAG personnel as has showed respect and the dedication the military has. The action was non-stop in and out of the courtroom. It is a shame that the show end.
  • It was really simple idea, "A Few Good Men" and "Top Gun" mixed together and you get that longest running military legal drama on T.V.

    JAG began its ten year run in September 1995. The series stared David James Elliot as Harmon Rabb Jr and Navy pilot turned lawyer. When it hit the air waves it looked like a hit, but after cast changes and new time slots. NBC sunk the series and it looked like JAG would be come one of those really good shows that new found it's viewers. CBS however liked what it saw and started to air a some what new version of the series. They kept favorites like Elliott and his season on co-star John M. Jackson. They brought in recurring role of Bud Roberts and made a part of the team and add a beauitful Marine Major Sarah MacKenzie played by Catherine Bell. Better writing and a new more perament time slot help the show become a hit over the next nine seasons. The show even impressed some of the higher ups at the Department of Defense to get involed which allowed the series to flim at real Navy and Marine Corp bases and ships. What made the show great was it was old school. You knew who the bad guy was and who the good guys one and the good guy always won. When it ended in April of 2005 the series was still one of the best on TV. Right now it's too early to tell but JAG will be considered of TV's great series just like another longrunning TV show "Gunsmoke".
  • one of the best shows on tv

    i really love this show, it was on for awhile, it's exciting to watch. it's a really good show, lots of action. even though it's a court room drama, every now and then the action takes place in the field where a lot of adventures take place. catherine bell was the best companion for harmon rabb. i really enjoy this show each week, every time i see it it promises action and adventure and JAG delivers as promised. the 2 hour sydney special was great. i was living there at the time. overall, i give this show a 2 thumbs up.
  • an instint classic

    wow what a great show this is the finest lawyer show i have ever been witness to this was one of the best shows the world has ever seen i was so angry when the last episode rolled around. i think im going to go buy the dvd\'si started watching the shows the minute the first one hit the screens amasing tv acting and so true to the military this show is a must watch for military tv show lovers sarah harm the admeral and bud where awsome and cant be toped it really is to bad they had to go
  • yet another

    here we go, yet another crime drama. this time we throw the navy into the mix. i know this show was big with an older demographic and that is why it lasted as lond as it did. the show had a good line up of actors and the writers provided good stories, but it is still just another crime drama.
  • A show that brings us the inner workings of the Navy's judicial structure and the interactions of the lawyers at the Judge Advocate General's headquarters in Virginia.

    Absolutely love(d) it! JAG is one of the most entertaining shows on television. It managed to be funny and dramatic at the same time. I hated to see it go, but Bellisario\'s new show NCIS is almost as good! I\'ve seen every episode of Jag, but still record any reruns that air, I just hope that those never get dropped. It started a little rough, and Mac\'s character was so overdone when she fist came on the show. However, over time all the actors became so comfortable with their cahracters. It started to go downhill when Admiral Chegwidden was taken out of the picture, but overall one of the best shows ever.
  • Brilliant

    i also love this show. i was so sorry to see it go but it did have 10 full seasons. my favourate character is Mac. although i also like Harm, Bud, Harriet and AJ chegwidden. Tiner. coates and Gunny were great too. i used to watch it every day of the week. i haven't seen all the episodes before series 6, only a few. you always knew Mac and Harm would end up together in the very last episode. i love all the stoies and actors and actresses and how they film in lots of different places and how they keep returning to the same places. great. brilliant
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