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  • Brilliant

    i also love this show. i was so sorry to see it go but it did have 10 full seasons. my favourate character is Mac. although i also like Harm, Bud, Harriet and AJ chegwidden. Tiner. coates and Gunny were great too. i used to watch it every day of the week. i haven't seen all the episodes before series 6, only a few. you always knew Mac and Harm would end up together in the very last episode. i love all the stoies and actors and actresses and how they film in lots of different places and how they keep returning to the same places. great. brilliant
  • I love this show, but . . . .

    I grew up watching JAG, and I was obsessed with it!! You couldn't get me away from the show, from the 7 hour marathon that they used to do on USA, to reading and writing fanfiction, I have an autographed picture of the cast AND a screen play from 'In Country', I am also a major romantic and I just wanted Harm and Mac to get together and everytime they got remotely close, they got farther away. and for my obsession with romance it moved WAY too slow and so the last two seasons I never got to watch. . . I am a little lost when it comes to the new episodes, it makes me sad, I never even saw the finale episode, It makes me feel like I betrayed the show or something. . . . I was looking online, you could buy the entire series for $299, yeah I'm poor, just a starving lifeguard trying to get ready to go to college. . . . I love the show though, I mean Cathrine Bell and David James Elliot are amazing at what they do, The entire cast did a great job. . . .
  • An all around great show, and i'm sorry to see it go.

    Jag was a drama based loosely on the millitary\\\'s judge advecate general system. I say loosely because the story lines usually only covered legal cases half the time or less. This actually works for the show though(at least post first season). It allows the addition of action and other kinds of drama in an otherwise potentially stale atmosphere.

    All the supporting cast is great. From bud to the various petty officers that the Admiral goes through, they all perform there rolls impressively. I will say however, that the replacement Admiral in the final season didn\\\'t have quite the flair that Admiral cheggwidden had.

    The relationship between the two main characters is drawn out for too long. Given the millitary\\\'s fraternization policies though its explainable and as with sitcoms its interesting to see how they won\\\'t get together this week so it doesnt neccesarily detriment the show.

    All in all the only problem with the show is actually also its greatest strength and that\\\'s its\\\' tendency to stray far from courtroom dealings. It does make the show more watchable than it would be otherwise but it also takes away from the sense of realism.

    Still one of the best shows on television in its day and I for one am sorry to see it go.

  • Military Lawyers work with cases that have to do with htings in the military.

    Jag is an awesome show and I was sad to see it go. My mom and I used to watch it together and keep thinking that Mak and Harm should get back together. I enjoyed the show because it showed me things that I don't get to see everyday. Also it shows me that there are possiblities to get a job that you love with a passion.

    The show just kept getting better, even the finale was excellent. I truly think that they left it wide open so if they wanted to bring it back they could, even though the cast would be different.

    All in all I miss the show.
  • I

    What can I say about JAG. I love it. I've been watching it since the first series aired in the UK on Channel 5. I had to wait years to see series 2 when it finally aired on Sky. I still remember taping eps every weeknight, it aired at like 2-3am then I'd marathon them at the weekend. Ah good times.

    Anyway more recently I've appreciated it more past the "cool F-14's, F/A-18's" stage since I went to law school. Especially the most recent season I've watched (series 9) has extremely interesting/good legal arguments. Although they tend to use the word jurisprudence incorrectly alot of the time. But that word has been abused through the years to mean anything to do with law.

    And man there's nothing sexier than Catherine Bell dressed in her Marine gear, in court, litigating with passion. Oh man :-o

    Over 10 years it's been remarkably consistant. I hope series 10 is no different but I fear it will be :-/
  • Great show!!

    This show aired originally on NBC
    And nearly got cancelled
    By luckily for CBS, it got picked up
    As it went on for nine more years
    Harmon is the lead lawyer and unlike other lawyers, he is cop, prosecutor, and defense attorney
    I loved Mac, the Marine sidekick as she brought more authority as well as could stand her own ground also next to Harm
    As well as keep him in line
    Liked Kate but Mac was more better IMHO!
  • Love it!

    I know that many people didn't respect this show while it was on. But JAG was great for a couple of reasons.

    First, it was one of the only TV shows ever to present the military in a positive light. Since the war in Iraq, many Americans have seen fit to bash the military. However, JAG really showed the military as a group of human beings placed in a position where they didn't really want to be, but they knew that it was their duty to be there.

    Second, while some of the show was pure fantasy and would never really happen, it showed the day-to-day struggles of military personnel dealing with the possibility of having to leave family and friends behind to perform a service for their country. It even dealt with the family having to cope with a devasating injury (Bud losing his leg).

    While JAG had some issues with accuracy, it was a great show. Coming from a military family, I appreciate the positive image portrayed on this show. I think it showed that patriotism in this country is not dead. It realized the sacrifice that young men and women make to keep American freedoms safe. Thank you, Don Bellisario, for creating such a show!
  • I miss the good old days.

    JAG was really good when it started out and up until the last few seasons when it began to turn more and more convoluted. In the last seasons it bordered on soap operatic storylines and overblown and ridiculous plots that you would generally see on the big screen. Still, it was entertaining and by that point most people watching the show are so invested in the characters that it didn't matter how Mac knew where Harm was all the time. Or whatever. Weirdness. Anyway, the courtroom battles were always entertaining and the little side plots within the military arena were just that little extra spice to round it all out.
  • A View Of The UCMJ

    Having family in the JAG Corps, of the US Army, I can say with some surety that the adventure aspect of this series is purely entertainment. But, as for the workload, I can say certainly that it does exist, and then some.

    I have read some reviews here that JAG is a propaganda piece. Naw, not hardly. No much more so than any other form of entertainment that comes from Hollywood. JAG is, however, a show directed towards the military community and their families. A Community, which, has a sense of duty, honor and love of country. This series promotes that feeling and gives them a venue to express points and issues accordingly, in an entertainment format most of all.

    JAG as entertainment is compelling and well done. It has its moments and does tend to preach on certain topics, but over all has merits and can hold a viewer for an hour easily. It puts the Navy and Marine Corps in a good light, and deservingly so.

    JAG is not for all. It has its setting that makes those with anti-military issues cringe…that’s fine, you can go watch West Wing or Commander In Chief to get your views stroked.
  • A nice series to watch with you family! :)

    I like this show very much. It is good that you can watch the show, and you understand everything, even if you miss an episode or two.
    The actors are good and i like plots. sometimes the triels can be a bit boring, but otherwise its very nice. Also its my moms favourit show :)
  • I love this show more than any other show i've seen in the 17 years I've been on this planet. This show gives you a feel for how the military conducts their legal system with a little bit of action and love, its a all around great show.

    Personal Favorite is a understatement. This show is the best that i've seen in all my life. David James Elliott is a one of a kind actor and needs to try to come up with a new show or BRING BACK JAG!!! This show has everything that a show needs to have a great run and JAG had a great 10 year run but it went by to fast. The writers throw in a little action along with some love and some tense moments. It really gives you a inside look into the military legal system instead of the cilivian legal system. Over all, this show is more than a 10 and should be brought back.
  • A show about military lawyers that offers a little bit of everything

    JAG was a high-endurance show that lasted just as long as some of the other highly touted shows of the 1990s (For example, Friends). It followed the lawyers from the Naval Judge Advocate General's Office through their cases and their personal lives. A reoccuring theme throughout the majority of the series is the underlying romantic feelings between Harm and Mac.

    JAG I think definately had a revived place on the airways after September 11, 2001. The shows writers did a good job incorporating the aftermath of those attacks and the following military action in Afghanistan into the series story and how it effects the characters in very real ways (for example, when Bud gets injured during duty in Afghanistan). JAG presents the military and its officers in a different, more humane light than your typical military/action-adventure show.

    A lot of people I know didn't particularly like the way the series ended. It offered some resolution to the ongoing Harm/Mac romance, but not the total complete resolution many had hoped for. A lot of people wanted their to be an episode with a Harm/Mac wedding, or see them finally part ways or something that shows them exactly what happens to these characters. I found the ending to be quite fulfilling as it sort of leaves the ultimate conclusion up to you. Sure you don't exactly see them continue on with their lives, but its open ended and allows you to decide, by your own wants and desires, just which one of them does what is necessary.

    If you like investigative shows, or court drama, this show may be for you. But keep in mind, the focus of this show isn't solely on the courtroom scenes or investigations. I think the JAG writers did a better job at developing the characters and their personal lives than most writers for shows of this nature do.
  • Jag is an action pact drama based on the Navy's Judge Advicote General Corps. (JAG)

    JAG is one of the best programmes in the world and I'm very sad that it has ended it is a pleasure to watch the repeats on FX

    Jag shows the trials and tribulations of US Navy Lawyers it also focus's on Navy Cmdr Harmon Rabb Jr. & Marine Lt. Col. Sarah Mackensie played by David James Elliot and Catherine Bell respectively.

    Moreover, JAG is not just an action-pact drama but an epic love story between Harm & Mac
  • A rather pathetic attempt at popularising US propaganda, followed by all the flaws usual for the genre: undeveloped skin deep characters, stereotypes through the roof, bad acting and worse plots.

    Sgt. Rab is a perfect American. He serves the military, he is smart, a good looker, and he's daddy fought and died serving his country. Bah! Like I said, perfect example of bad american propaganda. He and his female partner go off solving crimes, always acting in the interest of good. The Irakis, Serbs, Cubans, (especially) Russians, Chinese, and basically any nation currently not allied or under the heal of the US warmachiene is satanized. Personally, as a non-US citizen I find my self offended. Americans are always made out to be perfect, if one should stray, however, they are anoyingly always brought to face juistice. I fail to see what kind of person could believe this extremely narovminded garbage that they are trying to sell with this show. If there was a "Never puked so much in my entire life" classification avaivable, this show would have earnt it.

    Only reasong why this show didn't earn a complete 0 is the fact that it has some aesthetics to it (but not much), so it's not an eyesore to watch (it still is a giant ear and brain - sore)
  • Jag is a programe you can watch over and over its one for all the family the storylines are great so are Harm and Mac devastated by the last show please bring it back to show what happened after the coin was tossed.

    Jag as a show fantstic the whole concept works from start to finish the casting of D J Elliott and Catherine Bell was one of the most brilliant pieces of casting ever the support cast is fantastic also each show was different was a joy to watch each week for the past ten years sadley it has come to an end it will be missed by every one the whole world over. The final show was great but still no conclusion on the harm & mac story will they stay in the USA or go to the UK is there anyone out there would like to see a oneoff movie to finally put the show to rest all us Jag fans also.
  • The ending of the show completely devastated me. It helped me weed out my interest in the law and politics. I was happy to read all the plots and to remember the shows that I haved enjoyed watching.

    With the unorthordox courtship of Harm and Mac, it was breath-taking. Sometimes they will see eye to eye and sometimes they don't. When they finally got together during the series finale, I jumped for joy. I watch the finale countless times to relive the excitement of them finally getting together.
  • My Fav.

    Want to hear how much I love JAG! I was gassing it up with a guy I've been chasing for six months at a reception of a couple of friend's of mine who just got married, I left 15 minutes before the show could air so I could make it in time to watch a RERUN! My friends were angry, I don't regret it though, we are still friends, I ended up exchanging numbers/e-mail addresses with the guy, and we've been together for two years now. I watch this show more than I go to church, more often than I have missed work, more than I go to class (don't tell my parents) and more than I swear! This is my ultime favorite. It has changed my life, however sad that is. I actually am studying to be a lawyer, senior year of undergrad. in pre-law, wanting to go into the JAG corp, the Navy is a long standing tradition in my family. This has just encouraged me even more. The best thing is that it is acurrate, the members are within regulations, i can quote the article of the UCMJ (uniform code of military justice) that the members are talking about. I am very pleased with this show and it's cast. I want it to come back though, they never should have taken it off the air.
  • Bring it back ... we want to see what way the coin landed!

    Wow ... the main reason I started watching this show was because of the relationship between Harm and Mac. What on screen chemistry.
    I also love the way their relationship throughout the series was not rushed, it kept you glued to the screen!
    I love all the characters in this show each bringing something different.
    The storylines were excellent and never boring and it gave you a look at different aspects of the armed forces.
    ... and who can resist a man in uniform!
  • Two JAG (judge advocate general) lawyers take on cases while dealing with personal issues and the sheer emotional issues that go along with the job, as well as dealing with each other.

    Rabb is a good lawyer, although they make it so he wins too many cases against Mac. I also thin k they definately should've kept Chedwigen on as the JAG, although this new guy's quie interesting. Bud makes the show, as well as provides the comic relief in the show, and they should show more of him. I also think they should've kept Matty on, as she kind of made the show when she was on. It really is a good show if you give it the time of day. It's just too bad they don't show it on CBS anymore, as not many people bother with the History Channel, even though they themselves have a number of great shows. JAG is one of my favorite shows, and is the most underappreciated show I've ever even heard of. People should definately watch it more. Also, I'm waiting for the release of the DVD (when's it coming out???), which I'll be the first to buy. All in all, JAG's a great show, although not enough people give it a chance.
  • JAG is more interesting to those who have had a military career. Some scenews are truly like being in the military while other scenes are more like an off duty account of two military lawyers. Flying scenes are teriffic and well photographed.

    I know many people who had a military career who think this is the best show to be televised. The show was on NBC and after a few seasons it shifted over to CBS. The crews who photographed the action and those who edited the actions did a great job. Catherine Bell is a beautiful woman in a string bikini but the uniform transforms her into a career military female. Too bad that Katie Rich did not continue to play "Harm's" partner and Catherine Bell to play his woman.
    Many early episodes were very well done and were not done with Admiral Chetwyden at the "helm".Too bad because he added much to the show.Later versions showing Lt. Bud Roberts and Family were very well done.Reruns of this show are done daily on the History Channel and have a great audience. Many of us would like the show to continue. One note would be to show the latest JAG General as a person. The African American Commander should be a highlight of some presentations. He's does a great job.
  • JAG = Exciting? Not in the real world!

    Although it had its moments, it got to the point where it became a soap opera. First of all, life in any JAG unit, in any branch of the armed forces is not an ongoing exciting, dangerous adventure. It is mostly a routine assignment for military attorneys, judges and legal clerks and assistants. The writers of JAG turned it into unit that takes over the investiigations performed by units such as NCIS, OSI and CID along with numerous intelligence organizations. Catherine Bell at times did not always portray a well groomed female Lt. Col., i.e. sometimes her hair was too long and at other times looked unkept. Female Lt. Cols. are paid well enough to maintain a well groomed appearance. Tracey Needham portrayed a much better groomed officer. Parts of her characters past life that came to life during the series would have had a negative influence on her career in the real world. Too much emphasis was placed on the characters personal lives which became a drag for some us as the program went on. I believe that writers engaged in portraying military personnel should do more research and rely more on their technical advisors. I am sure correctness plays an important part in influencing or youngsters when they consider entering the armed forces.
  • I was so upset when it ended.

    I don't think JAG should have ended. It was one of my favorite shows and now I don't even know when it's on anymore because over the summer, it seemed like CBS totally forgot the show even existed. USA is doing the same thing. I really enjoyed watching it. I couldn't believe they ended it the way the did because they should have told us who resigned their commision. In my opinion, they should make a movie and tell us who had to resign. I really missed Harriet the last season. I really liked her character. I think the show should still be on because it had a lot of heat what with the Mac/Harm romance going on. You could tell that they would eventually end up together from the very first time they were togther on the show. I think it was an awesome show and it had an awesome cast.
  • My next favourite after Lois and Clark, but still a favourite. A little annoyed that the romance I wanted was a long time coming, but it's still good.

    Lois and Clark is always going to be my favourite show, but after it ended I turned to watching JAG and fell in love with it. I found it the relationship between Harm and Mac somewhat the same as Lois and Clark in the beginning before Lois and Clark realised that they were in love with each other. Indeed they have given fans a beating in terms of the whole 'will they or won't they', but like Lois and Clark I've always believed that Harm and Mac were made for each other.
  • They should have stopped at Season 9

    We're only now seeing Season 10 in SA
    Since Adm Chegwidden left it hasn't been the same. The stories haven't been as interesting and the characters seem to be drifting apart. And there is just too much Maddy. Who brought her in? This is a courtroom/ Navy drama not a tear jerker
  • JAG

    Ten years of a outstanding show. Many ups and downs threw the years with Harm and Mac wondering when they would get together. In the Final the answer was reveled. At the End many of the cast members who had been on. Where not there for the final. A.J./Tiner/Gunney/Meg and Tish and Franks Harms Mom and Step Dad.
  • One of the best military Series ever.

    I started watching this series by mistake. Star Trek wasnt on so i decided to give this show a chance. To my admasment it was one of the best military shows ive ever seen period. Its just that good. First I thought the plot was lame. A military lawer and pilot? But its a deeper plot then that and the series really shines through on every episode. Probably one of my favourite things about it is that this series goes from fighter planes, court rooms and adds on a clasic feel that paved the way for other shows to entertain us like CSI.
  • One of the best series I've seen

    I'm absolutely insane with this tv program. Scenarios, language and other navy activities are real and very good performed. Could be a good idea to transform the whole episodes in DVD format. Bravo Zulu (BZ= well done) to all productors, directors, actors and crew.Spanish translation was good too, just little mistakes.
  • If you like big guns, smart bombs, fancy suits and court room crime then this show is something for you. JAG (Judge Advocate General) is about how people who seemingly get along do battle over on if a (suspected) criminal should be pledged guilty or innoc

    Not only does JAG offer a pretty good view on how the navy, marines and other branches of military service act, but it also provides a good image on how the "laws of men" can apply in social context as the advocates not only go into close combat in the court, but also in their personal lives as they struggle not only to win but also to get closer to each other. The show is fucused around the two main characters namely, Harmon Rabb (David James Elliott) and Shara McKenzie (Cathrine Bell) who are constantly batteling each other in court as they grow closer and closer to each other.
  • I love JAG, even it´s far away of any reality.

    JAG is a daily fix for me. In Germany they show it every day at 4 pm and on Sundays two episodes from 4 to 6 pm. Here it´s called: "JAG - Im Auftrag der Ehre" (JAG - on behalf of honor). Don´t ask me why all cool American shows get´s silly add on´s here.
    JAG gives people the right feeling for honor, discipline, faith and courage. The viewer can feel with Harm and Meg, following their hidden romance and see they´re always brave and good guys, even they make mistakes as normal humans. When I watch JAG, I forget all around me. Every episode can be watched again and again, they get never boring. I love the advancement of the characters and I´m happy to see a strong marriage going through all up´s and down´s of life (Bud and Harriet) in a tv series.
    We´re on season 9 here and season 10 will follow in autumn, so I can´t wait to see if Harm and Meg get each other or not and I like Hallee Hirsh as Harm´s daughter.
    I wish JAG would never end.
  • A group of Jag Lawyers who defends and prosecute military people who are charged with a crime.

    Who would guessed that a show about a marine, a navy pilot and a former navy seal would steal the attention of the audience.

    We all knew that Mac and Harm would eventually end up together..... But Like most people I hoped we could see at least who they handdle their relationship before the show ended.

    Now that the show ended, we can only speculate who give up His or her promotion (personally I think Harm is the one who will give up his career) to be with the person he or she loves.

    I will miss seeing Catherine Bell, Karri Turner and Zoe Mclellan on my tv...... I have to wait for re-runs to see them again
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