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  • Great run

    Over the past 7 months I have watched the entire JAG series via Netflix and the public library. After 227 episodes / 170 hours invested I have to say I enjoyed almost all of it. The show had its phases for sure but the characters were so well written it just kept me coming back. Strange for a show to have a first season on one network with a certain direction and then to shift completely from season 2 on. Season one's pairing of Harm and Meg worked for me quite well. She seemed a little meek at times and they often felt more like NCIS agents than lawyers. It must not have worked for the masses because it a brilliant move, they cast Catherine Bell as a guest star. Though the episode "Skeleton Crew" never aired, Bellisario thought enough of her to recast her at Mac and when the show moved to CBS, it flourished.

    Many great episodes and some not later, season 10 denigrated into one big Middle East bashing festival. They tried to establish some new characters and love interests but the show was clearly fading as cast members were not appearing in 3-4 episodes in a row. The finale gave me some mixed feelings. I was ready for it to end but not ready to let go. Plus I want to know who won the challenge coin flip.