JAG - Season 10

CBS (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Fair Winds and Following Seas

    Gen. Cresswell informs Harm and Mac that they are being reassigned. Harm to London and Mac to San Diego. They both have the option to take someone from the office with them. They both ask Bud, but Harriet is worried about moving.

    With their deadline quickly approaching. Harm and Mac must sort out their lives and resolve their feelings for each other.
    Harm and Mac both reminisce about times past. And it all ends with a coin toss.

    Vukovic is trying to solve his own case.

  • Dream Team
    Episode 21

    Harm and Vukovic are teamed up to defend a sailor accused of manslaughter. Bud is assigned to prosecute what soon becomes dubbed "the dream team." At the end of episode it seems that Harm and Vukovic hold the ace but Bud has a surprise for them. General Cresswell then informs Mac that she is being posted to San Diego and Harm that he is being posted to London.

  • Unknown Soldier
    Unknown Soldier
    Episode 20

    Gen. Cresswell's brother believes that remains found of a Vietnamese soldier are those of a helicopter pilot who saved his life during the war. Vukovic and Graves end up going to the South in search of a relative of the man's for a DNA match. A Navy doctor is court-martialled for giving an Iraqi child medication against orders; the medication was in short supply and her Commanding Officer wanted to save it for wounded Americans.

  • Two Towns
    Two Towns
    Episode 19

    Mac goes to Iraq to investigate a bombing that killed a group of Marine reservists, while Harm and Bud go to Oklahoma to assist their families, but end up prosecuting the sole survivor, who is accused of starting a fire that destroyed the Marine Reserve Center.

  • Death at the Mosque
    Death at the Mosque
    Episode 18

    A marine Private kills a seemingly unarmed civilian in a raid on a Mosque in Karbala, Iraq. Lt. Vukovic goes to Iraq in order to defend the marine -- a hard task as the whole incident was filmed by a ZNN reporter. Meanwhile, Cresswell asks Mac to talk his daughter out of her plans to abandon a military career, and Harm maintains his vigil at Mattie's bedside.

  • JAG: San Diego
    JAG: San Diego
    Episode 17

    There is a huge snow storm in Falls Church so General Cresswell decides to have the Jag conference in San Diego. Lt Makefield, Lt Vukovic and Mac go to San Diego Rabb stays behind as acting Jag in his place. Also as a result of the snow storm, Mattie is injured in an accident.

  • Straits of Malacca
    Straits of Malacca
    Episode 16

    A US navy vessel makes contact with a ship that has been taken over by pirates. Mac and Vukovic are sent to negotiate the release of the hostages. Back in the States Commander Roberts and Harriet open up their house to celebrate the birth of twins.

  • Bridging the Gulf
    Bridging the Gulf
    Episode 15

    When Harm is forced to shoot down a civilian plane flying in a "no-fly" zone in the Persian Gulf, Harm once again finds himself on the wrong side of the court-room.

  • Fit for Duty
    Episode 14

    A Navy psychiatrist in Afghanistan is accused of malpractice after a soldier under her care is killed in battle. Bud handles an age discrimination suit involving a Navy commander.

  • Heart of Darkness
    Heart of Darkness
    Episode 13

    A Marine Captain is AWOL and working with the Mujahideen, he is accused of murdering several Afghan civilians. Harm and Mac are sent there to bring him in. Big Bud meanwhile is called up for service in Iraq but doesn't want to go and asks Bud for help.

  • The Sixth Juror
    The Sixth Juror
    Episode 12

    Harm and Mac are assigned to a case in south Florida involving the shooting death of a local car dealer's son outside a popular bar. The Gen. requests that P.O. Coates be allowed to go along and assist Mac. The jury pool of base personnel is quickly depleted as almost everyone on the base knew the accused, his former and very popular girlfriend, or had formed an opinion about the case. As a result Coates is forced to sit in as the Sixth Juror.

  • Automatic for the People

    After a jet crashes near a playground in California, Harm investigates and begins to suspect there was no pilot. Violence erupts in Bud's anger management class and the General asks Sturgis Turner to investigate Bud to see if he has an anger management problem.

  • The Four Percent Solution

    It's Christmas Eve. Col. MacKenzie crashes her car on the way home, and while unconscious through a series of episode flashbacks and discussions with a base therapist deals with many of her issues including infertility, insomnia, loneliness, Webb, and Harm.

  • The Man on the Bridge

    The car belonging to a Navy Commander assigned to a Bio-Weapons Defense Laboratory is found abandoned on a bridge across the Potomac River. Harm & Mac work with FBI agents in the investigation.

  • There Goes the Neighborhood

    Coates gets an unexpected visit when a friend from her criminal past shows up looking for a place to stay. A Naval aviator is in trouble for giving flying lessons to her father, a civilian who just bought an F-18. Bud intervenes on her behalf.

  • Camp Delta
    Camp Delta
    Episode 7

    Guards at Guantanamo Bay are ordered to remove a detainee from his cell for interrogation. He resists, so the guards try to subdue him and end up putting him in a coma. It turns out the "detainee" was a disguised soldier and the whole thing was a training excercise. Harm is assigned to defend the guards while Mac argues that torture and excessive force are not appropriate even when dealing with terror suspects. Back in Washington, Bud and Mikey Roberts go shopping for shoes and get into a disagreement with another customer that escalates into violence.

  • One Big Boat
    One Big Boat
    Episode 6

    A Naval Academy sailing team (that includes Bud's younger brother Mikey) is fighting a squall during practice when a female sailor is swept overboard and drowned. The JAG staff investigate whether the Commander was negligent when he ordered his team to sail through the squall.

  • 11/5/04

    When a US Defense Department official is killed in Baghdad, fingers point to the squad that was sent to protect him, prompting Mac and Harm to find out what actually happened.

    General Cresswell is officially appointed as the new Judge Advocate General.

  • Whole New Ball Game

    A Marine Colonel is on the President's short list to become the new Judge Advocate General sparking controversy while Harm & Mac investigate a Navy Ensign accused of shooting a Canadian fisherman.

  • Retrial
    Episode 3

    Harm is asked to re-open a 20yr old case of a seaman accused of murdering a prostitute. He doesn't deny stabbing her but he didn't murder her. Harm finds out that a similar crime was committed and uses this to free the seaman who has been wrongfully imprisoned

  • Corporate Raiders
    Corporate Raiders
    Episode 2

    When a Marine is killed in Iraq as the result of "friendly fire", Harm & Mac investigation results in possible involvment by a private military contractor.

  • Hail and Farewell, Part II (2)

    Mac is unable to accept the news that Clayton Webb really is dead and ends up in possible danger looking into Webb's "death". With the retirement of Rear Admiral A.J. Chegwidden, Cmdr. Sturgis Turner is named Acting Judge Advocate General.