JAG - Season 8

CBS (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • A Tangled Webb (3)
    A Tangled Webb (3)
    Episode 24

    The final episode of the series' 8th year leaves fans of the show facing yet another long summer of anticipation & speculation. When word reaches Washington, DC that Webb and Mac are missing, Harm insists on leaving for South America to search for them, even if it means resigning his commission.

  • Pas de Deux (2)
    Pas de Deux (2)
    Episode 23

    In Paraguay, Mac & Webb continue their mission to thwart the drug lords & terrorists.

    Harm continues to deal with his emotions where Mac is concerned. Worried about her, Harm turns to CIA Attorney Catherine Gale for help in determining Mac's location. However, Harm ends up helping Ms. Gale with a personal issue of her own.

  • Lawyers, Guns & Money (1)

    A year ago, Sturgis was assigned to prosecute Bud against charges that Bud was derelict in his duties while representing his client in court. Now, Sturgis' competency in handling a case is questioned and Sturgis must rely on Bud to successfully defend him.

    When the CIA learns that a drug lord is attempting to sell missiles to terrorists, Clayton Webb (re-assigned to South America in "Need to Know") is assigned to prevent the deal from going through. To help with his cover, Mac is sent from Washington to masquerade as Webb's pregnant wife.

  • Meltdown (2)
    Meltdown (2)
    Episode 21

    NCIS Agent Gibbs continues his investigation on the terrorist, Amad Bin Atwa to avert another attack on a Navy ship. Harm is court-martialed for the murder of Lt. Singer.

  • Ice Queen (1)
    Ice Queen (1)
    Episode 20

    When a JAG officer is murdered, NCIS is called in to investigate the death.

  • Second Acts
    Second Acts
    Episode 19

    Having felt betrayed in the past by the present members of JAG, Commander Lindsey delivers his report to the SecNav critical of the Admiral & the rest of the staff at JAG. After ZNN reporter Stuart Dunston reports on a heroic Petty Officer named Steven Wilson, a woman who sees him on television claims that he is an imposter and that the real Steven Wilson died on 9/11.

  • Fortunate Son
    Fortunate Son
    Episode 18

    While Harm and Sturgis deal with a Vietnamese smuggling operation, JAG HQ must deal with Commander Lindsey conducting an audit of JAG operations.

  • Empty Quiver
    Empty Quiver
    Episode 17

    Cdr. Turner gets to hitch a ride on a submarine that is bound for the mideast when it has been discovered that a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead has turned up missing.

  • Heart & Soul
    Heart & Soul
    Episode 16

    When Harm takes Admiral Chegwidden for a ride in an F-14 Tomcat, AJ must fight for survival after being accidentally being ejected into a heavily forested area, blanketed in a snowstorm.

  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire
    Episode 15

    In yet another "ripped from the headlines" episode, Harm takes his turn on the bench in a 'friendly fire' incident, whereby British troops were killed after an American pilot accidentally dropped his bomb ordnance on their location.

    Mac is assigned to prosecute the pilot, but has to deal with Harm's repeated impartial rulings. Harm though has his own problems as the SecNav makes it crystal clear to him that a conviction is required to satisfy the British.

    News reporter Bill O'Reilly is featured.

  • Each of Us Angels
    Each of Us Angels
    Episode 14

    This episode pays tribute to the Navy nurses who served during WWII.

    In the best tradition of "Ghosts of Christmas Past" which paid tribute to the USO entertainers past & present; "Overdue & Presumed Lost" which saluted the sailors who have been a part of the submarine community, running deep & running silent on their 100th anniversary, "Each Of Us Angels" continues that great tradition by focusing almost exclusively onboard the Navy hospital ship, USS Goodwill, during the battle of Iwo Jima in World War II.

  • Standards of Conduct

    Mac is called in to minimize the damage after a Navy lieutenant blows the whistle regarding deficiencies in a top-secret Navy combat device. When she helps the lieutenant get released from the military, she is furious when she later discovers that he had stolen hi-tech secrets to use in his video-game company. Meanwhile, Harm is threatened with a lawsuit by an elderly lady and her shady lawyer following a minor traffic accident.

  • Complications
    Episode 12

    Harm and Mac investigate a Marine general's claim that a Navy doctor caused the death of his teenage daughter during routine surgery. Meanwhile, Bud is so frustrated with the simple cases he's been given that he decides to investigate what appears to be an open-and-shut case and gets surprising results.

  • All Ye Faithful
    All Ye Faithful
    Episode 11

    After an accident aboard the USS Coral Sea it looks like Harm and Boone will be spending Christmas aboard ship, but after an F-14 becomes free Harm and Boone are eventually allowed to leave the Carrier. While flying home however, they end up helping C-130 desperately in need of help.

    Meanwhile Mac must deal with 3 Kuwaiti lawyers who have managed to get lost on the way to JAG HQ, and as they arrive, insist on blessing the second child to be delivered in JAG HQ by Admiral Chegwidden.

    Bud and Harriet receive a very unexpected gift from Santa.

  • The Killer
    The Killer
    Episode 10

    Harm and Lt. Cmdr. Manetti travel to Naples, Italy when an Interpol officer believes someone aboard a US destroyer is a serial killer who has killed four women while on leave in European ports.

    Mac remains onboard the USS Seahawk until a replacement for Lt. Singer is assigned.

  • When the Bough Breaks

    The futures of seven seamen hang in the balance due to Lt. Singer's recommendation of court martial for all of them following a mishap on the ship. However, Singer's career could also be doomed if the father of her unborn child is someone on the Seahawk, and it's Harm and Mac's job to find out who it is. The problem is, the career-oriented Singer isn't talking, so Harm enlists the help of Lt. Manetti to do some sneaky behind-the-scenes investigating in order discover the identity of the father.

  • Ready or Not
    Ready or Not
    Episode 8

    Harm doesn't have much hope in his defense of a two-star general court-martialed for disobedience and reckless endangerment during a wargame. His job is made more complicated when, in a rare move, Mac is appointed as the judge.

  • Need to Know
    Need to Know
    Episode 7

    Harm, Mac and Turner go up against the CIA's top counsel when the agency tries to keep a 1968 Navy sub tragedy, in which 129 men died, classified. In so doing, they must find a way around the CIA's classified information rules in order to follow the orders of the new Secretary of the Navy.

  • Offensive Action
    Offensive Action
    Episode 6

    Harm defends a female pilot accused of sexual harassment by a member of her crew who claims she ruined his future in the military because he rebuffed her advances. Harm is skeptical of his client's denials of the charges, while his co-counsel, Lt. Cmdr. Manetti, is sympathetic, causing tension between the JAG lawyers. Prosecutors Mac and Sturgis seem to have an open and shut case with their star witness testifying until Harm throws them a curveball that throws the case wide open.

  • In Thin Air
    In Thin Air
    Episode 5

    Harm is ordered to defend a plane-maintenance officer who he believes is guilty of making an error that caused the death of an aviator. Meanwhile, Harriet unintentionally impedes Bud's rehab when she insists he rest at home.

  • Dangerous Game
    Dangerous Game
    Episode 4

    Harm prosecutes a sensitive case in an episode that sees the swearing in of a new Secretary of the Navy and the arrival of a new JAG Officer. Shortly after assuming his new role, SecNav Sheffield appoints Lt. Cdr. Tracy Manetti, a Harvard Law grad, to Adm. Chegwidden's team. Her first assignment is second chair to Harm in a negligent-homicide case against Lt. Reynolds, a SEAL. While leading a guerrilla wargame among civilians in rural Virginia as a test of unconventional warfare, Reynolds failed to stop for local police, leading to a high-speed chase in which a deputy was killed.

  • Family Business
    Family Business
    Episode 3

    Harm defends a Marine gunnery sergeant who killed his wife, but claims it was self defense while he refuses to let his son testify on his behalf. Meanwhile, the JAG team bids farewell to Lt. Singer who is departing for the USS Seahawk.

  • The Promised Land
    The Promised Land
    Episode 2

    Mac and Harm defend a Marine corporal (Steve Petrarca) who's charged with desertion. He claims that anti-Semitism drove him to leave the Corps and join the Israeli army, where he was awarded for heroism.

  • Critical Condition (3)

    Bud fights for his life after having his leg blown off by a land mine and being operated upon multiple times. Admiral Chegwidden and Lt. Singer testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about their roles in the search for Kabir Atef.