Season 4 Episode 20

Second Sight

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 1999 on CBS

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  • Second chances give Mac and Harm a new destiny to follow. This episode is must see TV for all JAG fans.

    Second sight or a better type would be second chances. This wondrous well written episode brings us heartfelt emotions for Mac and Harm as they both go through life changing experiences. Mac goes through the more difficult and meaningful experience, as it goes to the root of her soul and foundation of her personality.

    The writers and actors give us a complete episode and a new beginning for Mac and Harm and their respective destinies. Dana Coen rightfully earned the Epiphany Award for "Best Television Dramatic Series."

    Michael Tucci as Father Genaro gives a rich performance and brings out the best in Catherine Bell as Mac. While his appearance is short, it more than gave us the best Actor performance of the year. It is an ashame Catherine Bell didn't get the best supporting Actress (or best Actress) award for her part in second sight.

    Harm's second chance is no less important to the future, but isn’t as dramatic of a performance. His emotional journey and metamorphosis will come as he follows this new path.
  • Both Mac and Harm come to crossroad decisions...neither of which will go away soon.

    JAG had a tendency to present episodes where the characters went through a life-changing experience...and this one is a major example of that. Harm, a great lawyer but still wanting to fly again, finds out he might get his wish. Mac has to deal with her estranged father, who is dying and wants to make peace with her. With Harm, his cool demeanor continues, for when he finds out there may be a chance for him to return to flight status, no sweat, no excitement, just calm cool Harm...but you can tell he's pumped about it. Mac, on the other hand, is the type of emotional that she dislikes...and takes it out on everyone she sees...including a surprising scene with her comatose father...and watch for the twist in plot when her mother shows up...this is an episode that makes me long for JAG to have been on longer...enjoy!
  • I'd say it's the saddest episode of the series, yet one of the best! A must-watch for any hard-core fan! ;)

    Mac is told that her father is dying, and he wants her and her mother to come and see him at the hospice. She really doesn't want to go, but Harm (who is about to under-go laser eye surgery), tells her that she should. When she does go, she can't seem to get her feelings together, and it has some not-so-nice results. She meets her mother, who only came to see her, and doesn't give a care about her father. When a priest that works there informs her that her dad is just barely there, and that it's time, she goes and gets mom,she won't even go into the room. Her father does die, and she remains rather calm, like we would expect her to do, but then she goes outsideto talk to her mom, and she falls apart. Through her tears, she talks with her mom, and begins to find that all of her anger all of these years was musdirected. Her father was a confused drunk, but he still tried to love her the best that he could. Meanwhile, it was her mother who ran away and abandoned her. It was her mother who didn't speak to her for about 17 years. However, she has now learned to forgive, and immediatley forgives her mother. She also forgives herself. During the episode, Harm learns that the night-blindness was a misdiagnoses, and that he has scars on his retna, causing night-blindness type symptoms. He has laser surgery to correct it, and now he can fly again! This was great episode! I actually near about cried when Mac comes out of the hospice and colapses in tears, and I have never, ever, EVER cried in a T.V. show or movie before.