Season 4 Episode 20

Second Sight

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 1999 on CBS

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  • Second chances give Mac and Harm a new destiny to follow. This episode is must see TV for all JAG fans.

    Second sight or a better type would be second chances. This wondrous well written episode brings us heartfelt emotions for Mac and Harm as they both go through life changing experiences. Mac goes through the more difficult and meaningful experience, as it goes to the root of her soul and foundation of her personality.

    The writers and actors give us a complete episode and a new beginning for Mac and Harm and their respective destinies. Dana Coen rightfully earned the Epiphany Award for "Best Television Dramatic Series."

    Michael Tucci as Father Genaro gives a rich performance and brings out the best in Catherine Bell as Mac. While his appearance is short, it more than gave us the best Actor performance of the year. It is an ashame Catherine Bell didn't get the best supporting Actress (or best Actress) award for her part in second sight.

    Harm's second chance is no less important to the future, but isn’t as dramatic of a performance. His emotional journey and metamorphosis will come as he follows this new path.
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