Season 9 Episode 3

Secret Agent Man

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2003 on CBS

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  • Some of the JAG writers' best.

    The true measure of any man is his willingness to bear the consequences of his actions.

    "However, the location where you're dropping the vehicle is remote, lawless. (off Harm's look) You have a problem?" "Ah, no, no, sir, it's just I'm finding myself in remote, lawless places a lot recently." "Uh-huh. Well, maybe you're just lucky."

    "You were asked to leave?!" "No, I left voluntarily. I was asked not to return. It's a long story."

    Worried? Let's just say- I shoulda known something like this was bound to happen.

    Oh, geez! Here comes one of those "tough love" moments. You're gonna make Mikey rise to the occasion and take responsibility for his own actions.

    "You ever pick out a middle name?" "It's Kirk. It's Gaelic, it means 'circle without end.'" "James Kirk." "Ixnay on the amenay." "You named your son after Captain Kirk." "Bud, I thought you picked that name because it was historic and masculine." "All that's still true, sweetie. Does it really matter where the name came from?" "We'll talk about this later, Bud."

    Well, don't look at me. You're certainly more diverting than I am.

    Jennifer, you tried to help someone you thought was being unfairly judged. Don't ever apologize for that.

    "Paraiso's planning to dine and dash." "Homicidal and rude."