Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 1995 on CBS
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When a civilian software developer aboard a Navy sub uses an experimental torpedo to blackmail the government for $40 million, Rabb and Austin are sent to negotiate with him and must figure out a way to trick him into deactivating it.

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  • A good idea that would never happen

    The concept behind this story isn't a bad one. The main problems i had with this episode was the completely unbelievable bad guy. First off the chances of a civilian contractor having that much access to a sub is highly unlikely. That he could have arranged to plant bombs during construction of a sub that this weapon would later be tested on? Highly improbable! That anyone capable of all that planing would be such a two dimensional villain? Sorry i just didn't buy it. I classified this episode as revealing because we are introduced to Needhams character otherwise it's all just filler.moreless
  • Good thing this wasn't the pilot episode

    An unoriginal clumsy episode as most second episodes are. It this were the pilot episode, i never would have watched this series again. A combination of bad acting, ridiculous characterizations, impossible technology, and the use of outakes from the film 'Hunt for Red October' make this a pretty bad example of this series. Tracy Needham is as unbelievable as a lawyer as she is as a U.S. Naval officer. David Elliot's Lt Rapp is a shadow of his former self as portrayed in the pilot episode. I don't really blame the actors though. The written script is poor, unbelievable, and shows all the signs of the 'let's make an episode on the cheap' mentality that is all to common on network television.moreless
  • This is a good example of everything that makes JAG good-aside from Catherine Bell's character Mac of course, who doesn't appear in this episode.

    Interesting plot with a lot of twists, particularly when it turns out Meg is claustrophobic and failed to mention it so she wouldn't be withdrawn from the case, and in the end the very clever trick by which they finally trap Glover. Good chemistry too between Rab and Meg. Follows the JAG's pilot set-up, as well-the first episode was set on a carrier, this one is set on a sub. The actor who plays Grover is particularly good, reminding me of Philip Seymour Hoffman as the bad guy in MI3-he was despicable, irritating, and threatening in perfect nuances but not inhuman, making him very believable. All in all, superb cast as usual, great settings, and a tight and fascinating plot makes this a good example of JAG.moreless
  • A very special episode with a classic plot.

    An excellent episode with the traditional 'baddie' if you like. An added bonus is the intriduction on Tracy Needham who plays Lt jg. Meg Austin. From the beginning of the episode we see her and Harm clash, as he realises she is scared of small spaces, but nevertheless they defeat the baddie and we see the expert skills of Meg who infact stops the new weapon from destroying the civilain carrier.

    Shame that there was only one female lead, as Lt Pike was not featured in this episode, but however I still enjoyed the episode and it remains one of my favourites!moreless
Travis Fine

Travis Fine

CPO Grisham

Guest Star

Rex Linn

Rex Linn


Guest Star

Ryan Hurst (I)

Ryan Hurst (I)

Dirk Grover

Guest Star

W.K. Stratton

W.K. Stratton

Cmdr. Ted Lindsey

Recurring Role

John Roselius

John Roselius

Admiral Drake

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Grover demands $40 million in gold be delivered by the Navy. Gold in 1995 was about $387 a troy ounce, which means that they would have to deliver almost 6,000 pounds of it. However, all they show is one suitcase full next to Cmdr Lindsey, which is nowhere near the 3 tons he would need to be delivering.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Dirk Grover: Can't afford Caribbean cruises with a girl like you on a government salary.
      Meg: That doesn't seem fair.
      Dirk Grover: I almost believe you meant that.

    • Dirk Grover: The answer is it's my little secret.
      Meg: Which means you're bluffing, Sir.
      Dirk Grover: Wanna risk it?
      Meg: Yes, sir!
      Harm: No, sir!

    • Dirk Grover: I'm Dirk. But you'll address me as Sir or Mister Grover.
      Harm: Whatever you say, Sir.
      Dirk Grover: That's right, we do whatever I say.

    • Dirk Grover: How typical of the cost cutting Navy to have you assess me and their civilian liability at the same time. How liable is the Navy?
      Meg: You're the extortionist, not the Navy.
      Dirk Grover: Still, a Navy torpedo fired from a Navy submarine. It'll have those PI lawyers in a feeding frenzy. (looks at Lt. Austin) You're sweating, honey. Does the thought of all those lawsuits frighten you?
      Meg: No, sir. And the name's Lieutenant Austin, not honey.
      Dirk Grover: Well how politically incorrect of me.

    • Sailor: What'd you fly, Lieutenant?
      Harm: Tomcats.
      Sailor: Tomcats to JAG?
      Harm: I broke one. They wouldn't give me another one.

    • Harm: Impressive pick up, Sir.
      Cmdr. Lindsey: I thought you'd appreciate it, Lieutenant.
      Harm: I don't know if the President did.
      Cmdr. Lindsey: The President?!

    • Dirk Grover: Don't you hate it when the bad guy's so good?
      Harm: No, makes nailing his ass that much more satisfying.

    • Harm: No, Mr. Grover, you do not pass go, you do not collect 40 million dollars. You go straight to jail.

    • Meg: I've penetrated four levels, two booby traps, and even found a fake program that looks good but does nothing.
      Harm: I know a woman like that.

    • Meg: Why do I always attract nerds?
      Harm: Maybe it's the uniform.

    • Meg: You don't like me because I replaced Kate.
      Harm: No, I don't like you because you didn't disqualify yourself from this mission. That at least I would have respected.

    • Harm: Why don't you have a little pizza and bug juice with him. Seeing you vulnerable might make him drop his guard.
      Meg: What, you want me to play the faint hearted female?
      Harm: I don't want you to play anything, Lieutenant.

    • (Harm is leaning over Meg's shoulder)
      Meg: Don't you have something to do sir?
      Harm: I'm doing it.
      Meg: By bugging me?
      Harm: I'm lending moral support.

    • Meg: Kate sends her regrets.
      Harm: You know Kate?
      Meg: Well enough for her to warn me, sir.
      Harm: About what?
      Meg: That's privileged information, Lieutenant.

    • Meg: If I get my hands on his computer I'll crack his code and disarm the shadow.
      Harm: And what if you can't?
      Meg: I've deciphered computer codes in as little as thirty seconds, Sir.
      Harm: And as long as...
      Meg: Three days, but that was in Chinese.

    • Cmdr Lindsey: Lieutenant Austin is a computer weapons specialist.
      Harm: I thought you were a lawyer?
      Meg: I'm multi talented, Sir.
      Harm: Well I'm sure you are Lieutenant.
      Meg: No you're not Sir, but in time I'll prove it to you.

    • Meg: You kept me angry with you to keep my mind off the claustrophobia, didn't you?

    • Cmdr. Lindsey: Lt. Austin, can we please get on with your briefing? We only have until midnight.
      Harm: (to Meg) What happens at midnight? You turn into a pumpkin?
      Meg: No sir. A couple of thousand people die.

  • NOTES (2)

    • "Shadow" marks Tracy Needham's first appearance as the character Lt. Meg Austin; she replaces Andrea Parker's character Lt. Kate Pike as Harm's partner. According to the audio commentary of the Pilot by show creator Don P. Bellisario, this was due to the network's (NBC) belief that a blonde would be more appealing than a brunette. Later, when JAG was picked up by CBS, Needham's character was scrapped and replaced by Catherine Bell, a brunette.

    • The scene in which the JAGs are being transferred from the helicopter to the Tigershark as well as the extra sub footage are from The Hunt for Red October.