Season 4 Episode 16

Silent Service

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 1999 on CBS

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  • Silent Service is a fun, exciting, and adventurour episode with personality conflicts and defects providing the drama. This is one of my favorite JAG episodes.

    This is a fun, exciting, and adventurous episode with personality conflicts and defects providing the drama. This is one of my favorite JAG episodes of all time for all those reasons plus it takes place on a submarine, which for some reason I find to be a cool place. What can I say some kids grow up wanting to be a policeman or fireman; I wanted to be a submariner.

    The Harm and Mac personality conflict, which had been developing over the last few episodes, finally exploded. They found fault with the others words and actions every time they turned around. In some ways it was painful watching them step over each other and yet sinful watching each encounter. The writers resolved this situation by having Mac and Harm depend upon each other to save their lives. Yet, they never got the opportunity to discuss the underlying conflict. You’d say they have a cease fire / truce instead of a resolution.

    The sets were larger than one would expect on a real submarine, but reality and good TV don't always mix. Besides several overly large rooms, I found it surprising Harm, Mac, and the seamen were wearing Sperry Top-Siders while the officers were in leather shoes. I was expecting everyone to be in sneakers, but wearing different ones. I know during the cold war most everyone on the submarine would wear the same Navy issued sneaker (made by Jimmy, I believe), even the officers. Don't get me wrong, the wardrobe department did an excellent job in choosing the jumpsuit, officer uniforms, and sneakers. I'm surprised they did such a wonderful job, instead of taking the cheap route by having all the actors use their personal sneakers.

    Using the two main plots to resolve each other is commendable for it gives the viewer exactly what they desire adventure, excitement, along with Harm and Mac. The writers, producers, and actors gave us a prime rib meat dinner with this episode.