Season 4 Episode 16

Silent Service

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 1999 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Harm and Mac leave the Corpsman's room water is running from the sink and is very audible. But when Hodge enters the room there is no sound of running water.

    • Nitpick: Hodge sprays ammonia into Mac's eyes when Harm warns her via the PDA. But she and Hodge are walking down a corridor on their way to the bridge, so where did he get s spray bottle of ammonia small enough to conceal to use on her? Are we supposed to believe that he keeps one on him at all times in case of emergencies?

    • Nitpick: Hodge lies and tells Mac that Harm got hurt tripping over a knee-knocker, but Mac is skeptical because she says Harm "has been negotiating ships all his adult life." But Harm is not used to this class of submarine and Mac has already seen him hit his head on a pipe. Mac is right to be suspicious of Hodge, but her reason doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    • Admiral Chegwidden mentions that Harm and Lt. Austin investigated a case on the submarine USS Tigershark; this took place during the episode "Shadow".

    • Harm says he's been thinking about the possibility of ghosts, and obliquely mentions being on the USS Hornet. This is a reference to the episode "Ghost Ship".

  • Quotes

    • Mac: You know, if you're wrong about this, we're going to be the most unpopular guests at the party.
      Harm: Well, as long as we dance together.
      Mac: And you lead!

    • Chief Corpsman Hodge: The last thing I wanted was to lose you. I had the same problem with Petty Officer Bluestein. What can I say, if you people work against me, how am I supposed to make you better? You know, it used to be that I'd lose sleep over my patients, but now I know I can't save everyone. It's a hard reality, but I know I'll be the stronger for it.

    • XO Eustis: (explaining why the crew didn't detect the sailboat) We were keying on large undersea targets like reefs. I don't imagine you see many of those at 15,000 feet.
      Harm: Depends on your air supply.

    • Commander Flagler (to Harm and Mac): I suggest you both lighten up on the bug juice. First my boat is cursed, now there's a madman aboard.

    • Harm: Watertown isn't spooked, Mac, and the fatigue factor is irrelevant.
      Mac: Then what is it?
      Harm: Someone aboard this vessel is deliberately trying to hurt the others.

    • Harm: I'll try to be more sensitive, and you try to be less.
      Mac: Good. You try to be more sensitive, and I won't have to be less.

    • Mac: While I'm on this boat, I expect you and your shipmates to maintain the respect due an officer. If I find this lacking in any way, I will haul you out the forward escape trunk and feed your ass to the crabs!

    • P.O. Dirking (to Mac): Welcome to hotel shoehorn, ma'am.

    • Chief Basilio: (about rumors that the Watertown is cursed) I've been a bubblehead for seven years, and I've never had an assignment like this. I'm telling you, there's something wrong when the Chief Corpsman's the hardest-working squid on the boat.

    • Chief Basilio: The sanitation regs on a sub are unreal. You could perform an appendectomy on my countertops.

    • Admiral Chegwidden: Major, one caveat. You'll be in tight quarters with 141 men. Prepare yourself.
      Mac: Sir, might I suggest you give that warning to the crew of the Watertown?

    • (Harm and Bud talk on the phone)
      Bud: You know, I've never been on a sub. What's it like?
      Harm: Well, you can experience it firsthand.
      Bud: I can?
      Harm: Yeah, after you go home tonight, throw out all your fresh fruit and vegetables, put lube oil in your humidifier, go to sleep on a shelf in your closet, and go to work before sunrise.

    • Mac: Harm?
      (Harm turns to look at her and smacks his head on a pipe)
      Mac: Um, heads up.

    • Mac: Can we do this [talk] somewhere else?
      Harm: What, you wanna go outside?

  • Notes

    • During the episode, Cmdr. Flagler mentions that the USS Watertown has "the finest 688 crew in the fleet". He is referring to the USS Los Angeles, the 1st Los Angeles' class sub: SSN-688.

    • Tom Amandes, (Cmdr. Flagler) was the lead in the 1993 syndicated TV show, The Untouchables playing Eliot Ness. Before David James Elliott was hired to play the lead as Harm, he was a supporting star in that show as a federal agent, helping to enforce Prohibition with Ness.

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